Top 10 Army tips

Shut Up and Listen

The basic rule of thumb is that recruits should be seen and not heard. Another way of putting it: When it comes to your drill instructors, don't speak until spoken to.

You Don't Make the Rules

Don't argue with your drill instructors. EVER! There is no way that you will win, and it will cost you in terms of extra PT. In the battle of wills, they hold a decidedly unfair advantage.

Pick Me

Be careful what you wish for. Standing out can have its rewards, but it is a double-edged sword. You likely won't be asked to volunteer for a leadership assignment, like squad leader, but if they pick you, you will find yourself responsible not only for your own performance but also those in your squad.


In boot camp, your life is going to be broken down into two piles; things you want to do (like sleep, read or write mail, talk with your buddies) and things you have to do (shine your shoes, roll your laundry, buff floors, scrub toilets). The temptation will be strong to slack off and procrastinate. Don't. Take care of what you have to first. Remember, the military will not make you disciplined, but your drill sergeants can make you wish you were.

Stay Focused

Boot camp is 80% mental and 20% physical. Don't get discouraged or give in to the temptation to give up (namely because quitting is not an option.) Don't look too far ahead and stay focused on the task at hand.

Help Your Buddy

You will live, eat, sleep, fight and die as a team. The sooner you learn to work as a team, the sooner life will get better for you. Boot camp is about being part of the team; individuals are weeded out and swiftly taken care of. You need to focus on the "we'' aspect of everything you do.

Break the Rules at Your Own Risk

Very few rules (no smoking, no going to the movies, no drinking alcohol, etc.) are unique to boot camp, but they expect you to follow them. Failing to do so may convince the military that you are not worth the time or resources. At the very least, you will find yourself poorer financially and more invigorated physically.

Do Not Question the Logic Behind What You're Doing

Just about everything you will do in boot camp has a purpose, even if that purpose is nothing more than to confuse you. There will come times when you will want to question why you are doing something, which, in your opinion, is stupid and a waste of time. Boot camp is a one-size-fits-all method, and so it never sits well with everyone. Suck it up and remember point No. 5.

Place as Many Buildings Around Your Island to Further Fuel Your Merging Activities

• Top War: Battle Game gives you an overwhelming amount of buildings to construct and place around your island. As you reach new commander levels and unlock new buildings, you’ll also unlock new features within the game that further aids your progress. With the island spaces you have and eventually end up acquiring, you’ll want to place as many of those buildings in those open spots as you can. Placing up to eight copies of each building type at a time is worth doing since you can use all of those buildings to merge into one and quickly attain a higher-level version of that one building. • Make sure you regularly spend your resources on upgrading everything in your Basic War Room so you can attain new building upgrade levels over time. And revert to your Main Quests listing on the Tasks menu so you can see which building upgrade you should strive for next. And of course, make sure you experiment with your troops merging efforts so you can head into battle with the strongest ones at your disposal. Get your hands on Tech Chests so you can always have the goods needed to make brand new buildings and troop merges happen.

Clear As Many Occupied Spaces as You Can to Acquire More Land and the Troops That Are Available for More Merges

• You’ll have to rely on your troops and heroes to claim the occupied spaces that are in the hands of enemy units. It’s always worth tapping on spaces you haven’t taken over yet to see what kind of threat you’re about to face. Staying ahead of the curve means you’ll need to stay on top of merging your troops and regularly strengthing the heroes you’ve already recruited. • Marching out with your troops on the world map to take down some Dark Forces is always a viable way of getting your hands on the items needed to reach new troop merging levels. Also, keep in mind that clearing spaces around the island give you even more troops to attain and merge. Whenever you run into a strong set of enemy troops on a space you just cleared, revert back to upgrading your Barracks and leveling up your heroes before you hop into battle with them. Check out the Hero Tips section from time to time to get a good idea of the hero formations you’ll want to use for your Army, Navy, and Air Force troop setups.