Applying to college tips

iStudiez Pro Legend

Scheduling study time is a must, and iStudiez Pro Legend lets you put study sessions, classes and assignments on your calendar. Color coding the entries can help you stay organized. For each class, you can enter meeting times and homework assignments, and you can keep track of your grades.

Dragon Anywhere

Instead of writing notes in the margins of your textbooks, you can use Dragon Anywhere’s voice dictation feature to record your thoughts and insights. Just be sure to rewrite your dictated notes in your own handwriting later for maximum learning!

See It & Hear It

Say information out loud, and you’ll be more likely to remember it. You’re engaging your eyes as you read the words, your mouth as you say them, and your ears as you hear yourself. Scientists call the benefit of speaking information aloud production effect.


When you’re in school, you have a lot of responsibilities to juggle, but Evernote can help you organize them. You can add notes and documents to store them in one digital spot, and tagging them will help you quickly pull up all files for a class or a topic.

My Study Life

Enter your upcoming tests and assignments into My Study Life, and the app will send you reminder messages. The app has a calendar so you can keep track of your class schedule. It can even notify you when it’s time to go to class.

Exam Countdown Lite

You should start studying for tests at least a week in advance. Input the dates for your exams and assignments into Exam Countdown Lite so you’ll have a visual reminder of when you should begin your test prep. The app can send you notifications as well.


With Chegg’s Flashcards+, you can make your own digital flashcards or use ones designed by others. Because you can add images to your cards, you can quiz yourself on the names of famous artworks, important historical artifacts or parts of a scientific diagram.


Organize information into categories by creating a visual mind map on XMind. This can help you classify facts and figures so you see how they relate to one another. This visual representation can also help you recall the information later.


Do you have piles of handwritten notes everywhere? Once you’ve written them out, consider scanning them into digital form. ScannerPro lets you use your phone as a scanner. You can store your scanned files in this app or transfer them to Evernote or another organization system.

Quizlet Go

Make digital flashcards that you can practice on your mobile device with Quizlet Go. This means that you can pull out your phone for a quick study session whenever you have a couple of minutes of downtime. You don’t even need internet access to practice these flashcards.