Applying to college tips

but be your best self.

You have many sides, so showcase the side of yourself that is professional, mature and poised.  Don't show up looking like you just peeled yourself off the couch—wear what makes you feel comfortable and and confident. Smile, and remember your interviewer wants the interview to go well too!

Prepare for common college interview questions.

Interviewers tend to ask about the same topics. If you’re prepared to answer the following interview questions, you’ll be golden.

  • Why do you want to attend this college/university? (Hint: Specific examples are always key! Your interviewer wants you to be as excited as they were–and are!—about their college).
  • What’s your favorite subject in high school?
  • What do you want to study in college?
  • What do you enjoy doing when you’re not in class?
  • What are three interesting things about you that I wouldn’t know from your application?
  • What’s an example of an obstacle, a failure, or a mistake that you learned from?

Practice like a prizefighter.

Being interviewed is a skill, and it requires practice. Sit down with one of your parents, a teacher, a college counselor, or a friend and have him or her ask you their best college interview questions. Answer them honestly and seriously. Then ask your "interviewer" how you came across. You'll also get better after each college interview, so try to arrange your schedule so that your last interviews are with the schools you care about most.

Bring specific questions.

Your interviewer will expect you to ask some questions about the school and talk about why you want to go there. Put some energy into coming up with creative questions with answers that cannot be easily found on the college's website

College Essay Tips: Key Takeaways for a Great College Essay

To recap, here’s our 13 tips for the best college essay ever: College Essay Planning Tips:

  • Create a plan of attack for all of your essays so you can keep track of everything.
  • Start early—at least two months before the due date, if not more.
  • Choose the right prompt and topic for you.
  • Decide between a narrative or a thematic approach to the topic.
  • Outline before you start writing! College Essay Writing Tips:
  • Use vivid, specific details.
  • Be genuine—get beyond the superficial.
  • Be unique, but not bizarre.
  • Avoid cliches and platitudes; they are boring and unimaginative. College Essay Editing Tips:
  • Get other people to look at your essay.
  • Be prepared to change, cut, and rearrange a lot! Final Tips for College Essays:
  • Make sure your first sentence is stellar.
  • Triple check for typos and grammatical errors! Imagine the essay you could write about the time you painted Mr. Lurker's claws.

Tips for Editing Your College Essay

You may think that once you’ve gotten a draft done that you’re good to go. Not so! Editing is one of the most important parts of writing the best college essay possible, and here are two essential college essay tips for editing.

Be yourself

Remember, the key to getting admitted (and being happy at college) is finding your best fit school. You want to be yourself so that the person interviewing you can discern what you would add to the campus community. Before your interview, think about why the school appeals to you, what you want to study, and what you might do after graduation.

Put a cotton round in your makeup.

To avoid breaking your makeup, use cotton rounds to protect it during the move. A cotton round fits nicely inside of powder compacts, and smaller cotton balls will fit inside of eye shadow palettes.

Pack your clothes on hangers.

To make the most of your time, pack your clothes on hangers so you don’t waste your day hanging them all up. Plus, it makes it so much easier to move from one spot to the next.

Bring an overnight bag that’s packed with your essentials.

College move in day is stressful. Everyone is hot, tense and full of emotions. Bring a bag with all of your essentials—a fresh shirt, deodorant, etc.—so that you have what you need on hand.