Top 10 Apple watch tips

Run Siri Shortcuts

Apple has brought Siri Shortcuts to watchOS 7 so now you can now directly run Siri Shortcuts right from your Apple Watch. You can even add Siri Shortcuts actions as a complication your watch face to quickly trigger them right from your wrist.

Unlock your iPhone with Your Apple Watch

Unlock your iPhone Whenever you remove your Apple watch, you’ll be prompted to enter a passcode that allows you to gain access to your watch. It doesn’t take very long to enter the passcode, but sometimes you don’t want to mess with the whole process, and you’d rather just avoid pressing the tiny little buttons. When setting up your Apple Watch, it will ask you if you’d rather unlock your it using your iPhone. We recommend you select ‘yes’. Now you can unlock your iPhone and your Watch at the same time. If you set up your Apple Watch without reading these tips first, there’s still a way to select this feature.​ With your Apple Watch connected, open the Apple Watch companion application on your iPhone and go to the Passcode menu. Here you can enable the “unlocking with your iPhone option” without having to reset your watch.

Tell Siri You’re done Talking to Her

Tell Siri You’re done Talking to Her Siri can be of great help by setting alarms, sending voice messages or converting your speech into text messages. Apple Watch tip: If you’re not sure what she can do for you, raise your wrist and say, “Hey Siri, what kinds of things can I ask you?” and you’ll get some guidance. The part she has great difficulties with is to detect the end of your diction, especially when the environment is noisy. Tapping the screen of your watch will make her stop listening and help you to get more precise results from her.

Open Last Used App When You Raise Your Wrist

If you use your Apple Watch with one single app for a long stretch of time, it can get annoying to navigate to it as Apple Watch shows the watch face every time you bring up your wrist (after two minutes of inactivity). There’s a setting where you can change this behavior. Go to Settings -> General -> Wake Screen and spot the On Screen Raise Show Last App section. Here switch to Always.

Switch Apps To List View

You can change the layout of apps on your watch. Personally, I find the List View to be more readable and easy to navigate over the grid view which seems more like a party trick. You can go to Settings > App View and change the app layout on the Apple Watch.

Browse the Internet on Your Watch

With watchOS 5, Apple brought WebKit support to the Apple Watch. That means if you receive a web-link, you don’t need to grab your iPhone just to open it. You can view it on your watch itself. This is where things get interesting. Even though there is no such thing as Safari on the Apple Watch, you can send yourself an iMessage with a link to Google. Tap on this and Google will open up on your Apple Watch. Guess what? Tap on the search box and you can scribble or dictate searches and tap on the results to view them straight on your watch. There’s even a reader mode built-in! Check out one of our articles open in reader mode on the Apple Watch:

Want some privacy? Turn on your 6-digit passcode

The Apple Watch includes the option of a four-digit passcode by default. But you can upgrade to a six-digit passcode if you want more protection. To do so, open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and go to Passcode > De-toggle Simple Passcode > Fill in the blanks with your new six-digit code.

Deliver Notifications Quietly on Apple Watch

You can choose to deliver notifications directly to the Notification Center for certain apps. This won’t alert you when you get a new notification. This setting is synced with the iPhone as well. Next time you get a notification from such an app, swipe left and tap on the menu button. Then select Deliver Quietly option. If you change your mind, you can go in later and switch to Delivery Prominently.

Use Siri to Announce Messages

This can be handy in certain situations. With watchOS 7 and on Apple Watch Series 6, you can have Siri read out messages when 2nd generation AirPods and some beats headphones are connected to your iPhone. Simply open the Control Centre and use the Announce Messages toggle to use the function.

Third-Party Watch Bands

Changing the watch bands on the Apple Watch Series 6 is extremely easy and if it was not already clear, you can use third-party watch bands as well. This is because Apple uses the same locking mechanism as regular watches so you basically have access to unlimited watch bands to pick from.