Top 10 Apple watch tips

Force it to restart

The Apple Watch will sometimes get stuck without apparent reason. Maybe a third-party software has a bug or maybe it’s simply one of those times when you can’t push buttons on your Apple Watch. As the buttons aren’t working, it’s impossible to restart your watch. It is possible to restart the Apple Watch manually though. Press and hold the side button along with the Digital Crown until the Apple logo appears on screen.

Hear the time

Remember the talking clock? You can access the Speak Time setting by going to the Settings app, selecting Clock, and then selecting Speak Time. You can hear the time by placing two fingers on the watch face.

Transfer a call to your iPhone

An advantage of the Apple Watch is the ability to take a call from your wrist. Though if you want to continue the discussion on your iPhone, it’s not a problem.

  • Answer the call by tapping the green phone button on your watch face.
  • On your iPhone, tap the green phone button in the upper-left corner.
  • The call will now automatically transfer from your Apple Watch to the iPhone.

Hide sensitive data

Hiding sensitive complications from the Always On display is possible on Series 6.While the always-on display is on, data like your calendar appointments, messages, and heart rate can be hidden when the wrist is down. Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone Navigate to Display & Brightness > Display & Brightness > Display & Brightness > Always On Hide Sensitive Complications may be turned on or off.

Use the Digital Crown to Navigate

The ‘digital crown’ on your watch acts similar to the home button on your iPhone performing many of the same functions such as activating Siri and accessing the home screen of your watch directly. Return to the home screen by tapping the digital crown twice. Double-tapping again brings you back to the previous app.

Remote Camera Shutter

The iPhone is great for selfies, but sometimes your arm just isn't long enough to capture everyone in a group shot or to capture everything you want in the background. For times like this, your Apple Watch is here to save the day because it allows you to trigger your iPhone camera remotely from your wrist. Here's how.

  • Prop your iPhone up against a wall or set it on a tripod
  • Open the Camera Remote app on your Apple Watch
  • Tap the 3-second timer button to start a countdown
  • Your photo will be captured when the timer gets to zero It's worth noting that the Camera Remote app is not just for photos. It also works for portrait photos, video, slo-mo and time-lapse captures. Simply select the correct mode on your iPhone before you trigger the timer on your watch.

Raise to Speak to Siri

On the Series 4 Apple Watch you don’t need to press the Digital Crown or say Hey Siri to speak to Siri. Just lift your arm, bring it close to your face, and start speaking. Siri will instantly recognize and start transcribing your commands. In my experience, I’ve found this way faster than other methods of talking to Siri on the Apple Watch. And it actually makes Siri useful on the wrist!

Try the Siri Watch Face

The Siri watch face in watchOS 5 has been improved and updated. You’ll now find intelligent Siri Suggestions right on the watch face.

Use the “Music/Now Playing Glance” to take Photos

Use the “Music/Now Playing Glance” The camera app in the Apple Watch allows you to remote-control and preview your iPhone camera. But how would you take a picture in third party apps like SnapChat or WhatsApp?Here is how: while the third party app is active on your iPhone, swipe up on your Apple Watch to accesses your glances screen then select the ‘Now Playing’ (Music) glance. Turn the Digital Crown on your watch as if changing the volume. This activates the camera shutter and you take a picture straight from your wrist. Another Apple Watch tip: You can tap on the live preview of your iPhone camera’s view on your watch to define what in the frame it should focus on, just like you can on the iPhone.

Raise Your Wrist to Speak to Siri

You can launch Siri on the Apple Watch by pressing and holding the digital crown. However, you can also raise your wrist close to your mouth and just start talking. You don't even need to say, "Hey Siri". Simply raise your wrist to your mouth and ask what the weather is going to be like today, and Siri will reply accordingly. If you are having trouble getting it to work, open the Settings app on your watch and then tap Siri. Check that Raise to Speak is turned on, and then try again. If you don't have a cellular Apple Watch, your iPhone needs to be in range of your iPhone and connected to the internet.