Apple watch tips

People who are fasting till sunset can use the sunrise/sunset complication. It will also show how much time is left.

Keep your finger on the ping icon for a little bit longer on your Apple Watch and your iPhone’s rear flash will strobe along with the ping sound

Keep your arm down by yourside to register standing.

I work at a standing desk for about 12+ hours a day. So most of the time I'm standing with my arms proped up typing or writing.It used to annoy me so much that I would be standing for such long periods of time and the watch would still tell me to standup or not register that I was standing.Just recently when it alerted me to stand again I thought, "Well, genious, when most people are standing they don't hold their arms in front of them like a zombie. The watch probably still thinks your sitting down or in an arm chair."So I didn't the most simple thing and just put my arm down by my side for a bit. One minute later I get the vibration from the watch congratulating me on standing for one minute an hour.For those of you like me getting aggrivated with this function try this out the next time it asks you, and hopefully it will work just as well for you.

White Apple Watch Sport band stains.

Found a great solution for removing stains on my white sport band and it doesn’t require an abrasive magic eraser that changes the texture of the band. I took one or two drops of lemon essential oil on a paper towel and it rubs the stains right off like magic! Hope this helps someone!P.S. This also completely removed blue jean stains from my AirPods case too! :)

Force press on notifications glance to clear all notifications!.

After wearing the watch for two weeks I found this out by accident. It was annoying when I had a lot of notifications that I wanted to clear. If you force press the screen with the notifications open it gives you a "clear all" button.

Don't try using Apple Pay on your watch in a drive-thru.

It's just all kinds of awkward and, unless you're a contortionist, your arm will not bend in any way to make it work.

If you double tap on the planets astronomy watch face it pulls them into a list view.

Pretty neat here's a pic! I noticed that while in a view on the astronomy face the other two items for the different views are now animated. For example if you are in the planets view the moon and earth at the bottom of the screen slowly rotate.

Disable auto call to prevent accidental Emergency SOS.

If you hold the side button by default Emergency SOS will be triggered, calling local emergency services. Good thing the Watch vibrates when doing this so I stopped myself mid hold. To prevent it form happening you can disable the auto call in settings. This forces you to hold the side button and then slide the Emergency SOS slider to enable.EDIT: Go to Watch app > General > Emergency SOS > Hold to Auto Call Clarification: As users have pointed out , this does not turn off the feature. It only disables the automatic call. This basically puts it in a manual mode.