Apple watch tips

Enhanced Always-On Display

Like the Apple Watch Series 4 and Series 5 before it, the Apple Watch Series 6 also comes with always-on display support. The good thing is that Apple has improved its always-on display implementation and made it 2.5x times brighter. This means the content on the always-on display is going to be easily readable than before especially when you are out and about. That’s not it though. Apple has also improved the always-on display mode and now allows users to directly access the Notification Center, Control Center, and tap on complications without having to wake up the display of the wearable.

Use the Stock Charger

Unlike previous Apple Watch models, the Apple Watch Series 6 comes with fast charge support. This allows the wearable to charge from 0-50 percent in just 40 minutes while a full charge takes around 1.5 hours. To enjoy the full charging speed on your Apple Watch though, it is important that you use the stock charger along with a 10W power adapter for the device. This is important as third-party wireless chargers in the market can only charge the Apple Watch at a maximum speed of 2.5W. Read: Apple Watch Series 6 vs Apple Watch SE: Which One Should You Buy?

Add a new face to use more complications.

TL;DR: you can use multiple instances of the same face with different complications and quickly swipe between them. My current setup is the Modular face. One instance has date/time/calendar and multiple time zones (I work with people on multiple continents and don’t want to bug them at all hours). The other instance has my Activity rings, Workout, Music, and Messages (I use it to check progress and while working out). Throughout the day I can easily swipe left/right to get at all the info I need without launching the apps!

Don't wait after Hey Siri!.

One thing that a lot of people don't know is that after saying Hey Siri you don't have to pause. This goes the same for other iOS devices. A lot of people I know (and I used to do it too) would say "Hey Siri" and then pause for the tone or for it to wake up, and it's not necessary at all. Just say the full sentence without a pause and you can thank me later for all the seconds that I've saved you over the rest of your life!

Hold the "Ping Phone" button and the torch will flash when the phone plays the pinging sound

If you accidentally press the wrong app from the home screen, just slide the crown down.

When you press on the wrong app (which will happen if you have fat fingers like me), you can quickly slide the crown down and it will take you back to the home screen. You have about 1 second to do it. I think it's easier than pressing the crown again.Test it out and you'll see what I mean!

On the series 4 in the heart app you can rest your finger on the crown to get a live heart rate reading instead of just the default intervals of checking

Message notifications pushed from the Facebook Paper app shows the message on the watch.

As opposed to the standard Facebook messenger app, which only notifies you of a message. U.S. Users probably know of this already but since you can't get the paper app with a UK iTunes account this might be useful for you fellow Brits. If you don't know how to change your account, it's super easy, I'll edit a link when I get to a computer but a quick Google will show you exactly what to do. Edit:

Analog Clock w/ Digital Time Display.

Not sure if anyone has posted this/if it's common knowledge but what the heck I thought I'd try to contribute. Here's a little something that I do since I'm a noob and can't read analog watches but I like the way they look. So I found a way to add a digital time complication to the analog clock.1. Open clock app on iPhone > World Clock2. Add a clock for your time zone if you don't already have one3. Create a simple analog clock watch face on AW4. Add the world clock time to one of your complications slots5. Open apple watch settings on iPhone > Clock > City Abbreviations6. Change corresponding world clock abbrev to " " (that's a space, can't seem to just delete it completely)7. Now you have a digital clock on your analog watch face!8. Celebrate!!Let me know if this is something everyone knows and I'll just delete my post!!Update: Here's a screenshot, time is in top right