Apple watch tips

Check Your Heart Rate

Apple Watch has a heart rate monitor built in and it’s a good practice to keep checking your heart rate randomly or when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Open the Heart rate app on your Apple Watch to get started.

Open Last Used App When You Raise Your Wrist

If you use your Apple Watch with one single app for a long stretch of time, it can get annoying to navigate to it as Apple Watch shows the watch face every time you bring up your wrist (after two minutes of inactivity). There’s a setting where you can change this behavior. Go to Settings -> General -> Wake Screen and spot the On Screen Raise Show Last App section. Here switch to Always.

Reorder your watch faces

Like before, you can still edit watch faces and complications directly on the watch itself or via the Watch app on your iPhone, But now, watchOS 6 also lets you reorder them to your liking — press and hold the watch face to enter Edit mode, then drag the watch face to a new position. It’ll be right there the next time you swipe through your watch faces.

Use the Flashlight

Apple Watch has a very useful flashlight built-in. Swipe up to reveal Control Center and tap on the Flashlight icon. You can swipe between multiple modes: plain white, flashing white and emergency red.

Customize Control Center

In watchOS 5, you can now customize the Control Center layout to suit your needs. Scroll to the bottom of the Control Center and tap on the Edit button.

Use Cinema Mode

There are times when you don’t want your Apple Watch to light up every time you move your hand or when you get a call or notification. Swipe up to access Control Center and tap on the Cinema Mode (or Theater mode) icon to enable it.

Discreetly View the Time

If you just want to see the time without raising your hand, you can tap on the screen. But that can be too bright sometimes. Instead just gently turn the Digital Crown to slowly illuminate the screen. After you’ve seen the time, turn it back to make the screen black.

Enable and Take Screenshots

You can take screenshots on Apple Watch by pressing the Digital Crown and Side button together. But the feature isn’t enabled by default. Open the Watch app, go to General -> Enable Screenshots to enable the feature.

Reply to Texts from Apple Watch

Apple Watch doesn’t have a software keyboard and it probably never will. But there are two ways you can reply to a message and this works for any app that supports replying from the notification. Tap on the notification and you’ll see buttons. Tap on the microphone icon to do speech to text transcription. But a more fun way is to draw letters on Apple Watch. Tap on the A icon to send a message by drawing letters on the screen.

Answer Calls on iPhone from Apple Watch

You can accept calls on the Apple Watch when your iPhone is nearby. But it’s not best to talk over for longer periods of time. When you get a call, scroll up and you’ll find an Answer on iPhone button. You can transfer an ongoing call to iPhone this way as well.