Apple watch tips

Make use of double the storage

Series 5 doubles the internal storage over its predecessors from sixteen to 32 gigabytes. This lets you keep more content on the device itself, from apps to your favorite photos to Apple Music playlists, songs and albums and beyond. This should come in handy if you don’t have an LTE watch so streaming via cellular isn’t an option.

Delete native apps

watchOS lets you delete stock apps from the Home screen similar to iOS devices. Let’s pretend you’d like to get rid of Apple’s stock News app — tap and hold its icon on the Home screen, then hit “x” and confirm the action by tapping Delete App. Don’t worry, you can redownload deleted stock apps by searching for them in App Store.

Hide private stuff when using the always-on display

The biggest new feature of Series 5 is its always-on display that lets you tell time discreetly and glance at other information displayed on the watch face while in a meeting or working out without having to flip over your wrist. Thankfully, you may also choose to hide any sensitive information from the prying eyes when your wrist is down. Start by firing up the Watch app on your iPhone, then tap My Watch → Brightness & Text Size → Always On and flip the toggle Hide Sensitive Complications to the OFF position. Doing so will hide any complications that display private data when your wrist is down, including Calendar appointments, Mail messages and your heart rate.

Enhanced directions in Maps

Like on iPhone, Apple Maps uses the built-in compass sensor to indicate the direction you’re currently facing, which comes in handy when using step-by-step directions.

Measure surface angles

Series 5 has a compass sensor. Just like on iPhone, the Compass app takes advantage of it for a handy level feature. Just scroll down in the app to get to this tool, then lay down your watch on any surface to measure both its horizontal and vertical level.

Listen to Podcasts on Apple Watch

There’s a whole new Podcasts app that will let you stream and sync your latest podcasts from your iPhone so you can listen to them on your walk without the iPhone.

Add Music to Apple Watch

Apple Watch usually has a couple of GBs free. You can load it up with your favorite music so it’s always there with you. Open the Watch app on your iPhone and go to the Music section. If you’ve enabled the feature, it will automatically add playlists like heavy rotation, favorites and more. But you can add any album or playlist you want. Tap on the Add Music button and choose the album. The music is automatically downloaded to the Apple Watch when it’s charging and is near the iPhone. If you have a cellular Apple Watch, you can stream any song from Apple Music no matter where you are.

Flip Apple Watch Orientation

If you’re left-handed, you’ll want to access the Digital Crown and the Side button on the other side. First, you’ll have to switch the bands to invert the Apple Watch. Then go to Settings -> General -> Orientation and switch to Right.

Cover Your Apple Watch to Mute

When your Apple Watch is vibrating or making a sound, or if it has lit up at a bad time, just cover your Apple Watch with your palm to mute the sound, haptic feedback and to turn off the screen.

Ping Your iPhone

I always my iPhone in silent mode because Apple Watch does the heavy lifting of notifying me. But this means that I usually spend hours away from the iPhone, forgetting where it was. This is when I can open the Control Center and tap on the iPhone button to ping it. The iPhone makes a short sound that’s enough for me to find it.