Apple watch tips

Control the volume on your AirPods

The Apple Watch is great for controlling other Apple products, including your HomePod or Apple TV. For example, you can use it to control music on your HomePod or as a remote control for your Apple TV. Even when listening to music, you can use it to adjust the volume of your AirPods by looking at your Watch. The Digital Crown is used to adjust the volume when your AirPods are connected and you’re streaming via the Watch.

Turn on charge reminders

One of the most prominent complaints about the Apple Watch is the less-than-24-hour battery life. Setting a reminder before bedtime will ensure that your Apple Watch has sufficient battery power to monitor your sleep. For iPhone, open the Apple Watch app > Toggle on Charging Reminders by scrolling down to Sleep. I hope you’ve learned some new Apple Watch tips and tricks! Why not check out what the rumour mill is saying about the new Apple Watch 7? Then head over to what the latest WatchOS 8 might have in store for us.

Open Apps with Your Digital Crown

Open Apps with Your Digital Crown There are a variety of ways to navigate your Apple Watch. Most applications on the Watch can be opened with a single tap, but sometimes tapping is too inaccurate and the Watch will open the app next to the one intended. Instead of trying to tap the right app, you can also use the Digital Crown to zoom in and open apps.

Tell Siri You’re done Talking to Her

Tell Siri You’re done Talking to Her Siri can be of great help by setting alarms, sending voice messages or converting your speech into text messages. Apple Watch tip: If you’re not sure what she can do for you, raise your wrist and say, “Hey Siri, what kinds of things can I ask you?” and you’ll get some guidance. The part she has great difficulties with is to detect the end of your diction, especially when the environment is noisy. Tapping the screen of your watch will make her stop listening and help you to get more precise results from her.

Unlock your iPhone with Your Apple Watch

Unlock your iPhone Whenever you remove your Apple watch, you’ll be prompted to enter a passcode that allows you to gain access to your watch. It doesn’t take very long to enter the passcode, but sometimes you don’t want to mess with the whole process, and you’d rather just avoid pressing the tiny little buttons. When setting up your Apple Watch, it will ask you if you’d rather unlock your it using your iPhone. We recommend you select ‘yes’. Now you can unlock your iPhone and your Watch at the same time. If you set up your Apple Watch without reading these tips first, there’s still a way to select this feature.​ With your Apple Watch connected, open the Apple Watch companion application on your iPhone and go to the Passcode menu. Here you can enable the “unlocking with your iPhone option” without having to reset your watch.

Apple Watch Tip: Use Shazam Automatically and Never Miss a Song

Use Shazam Automatically Like Android, Apple also uses third party apps to create a plethora of cool features for your new device, and some of those features were delivered to your new watch by the Shazam application.Sometimes, when you hear a great song, you just don’t want to go through the effort of unlocking your phone and opening up Shazam to find out.You can set up Shazam to constantly listen to your environment. In this mode, it will keep track of all the songs that were playing in your environment throughout the day. To activate this feature open Shazam on your Watch and press the force touch button to bring up a menu option. Then select the option “Auto-Start Shazam” which allows the application to listen to your environment, detect songs automatically and curate them into a Shazam playlist that can then be exported to Spotify for easy listening.This might use a lot of your battery power but you’ll never miss a song again.

Clearing Notifications

Clearing Notifications When Your watch gets flooded with notifications, here are three Apple watch tips to get rid of them: A. Swipe each notification to the left and click ‘clear’ to remove one notification at a timeB. Clearing out all of your notifications at once by pressing the Digital Crown, removing all of them from your iPhone and Apple Watch simultaneouslyC. Tapping the Digital Crown to clear the watch screen without removing them from your iPhone

Find your iPhone and Make it Flash

Ping and Find your iPhone You can use your Apple Watch to locate your misplaced iPhone. To use this feature, activate the settings screen on your Apple Watch and tap the iPhone icon that’s located around the bottom of the display. This sends a wireless signal to your phone causing it to ‘Ping’ loudly. Tap and hold the same button activates the phone’s flashing LED giving you visual help to locate it – an Apple Watch tip  especially helpful in a dark environment.

Use the “Music/Now Playing Glance” to take Photos

Use the “Music/Now Playing Glance” The camera app in the Apple Watch allows you to remote-control and preview your iPhone camera. But how would you take a picture in third party apps like SnapChat or WhatsApp?Here is how: while the third party app is active on your iPhone, swipe up on your Apple Watch to accesses your glances screen then select the ‘Now Playing’ (Music) glance. Turn the Digital Crown on your watch as if changing the volume. This activates the camera shutter and you take a picture straight from your wrist. Another Apple Watch tip: You can tap on the live preview of your iPhone camera’s view on your watch to define what in the frame it should focus on, just like you can on the iPhone.

Use the Digital Crown to Navigate

The ‘digital crown’ on your watch acts similar to the home button on your iPhone performing many of the same functions such as activating Siri and accessing the home screen of your watch directly. Return to the home screen by tapping the digital crown twice. Double-tapping again brings you back to the previous app.