Apple watch tips

Put your Apps in Order

A smartwatch is, in many ways, no different than a smartphone. So, why treat it differently as far as apps are concerned? If putting everything where it should be on the phone is helpful, then the same goes for a watch.

Put your Widgets in Order

It’s not apps that can be reordered but widgets too. So, while we’re at it, consider putting your widgets in order as well. You can find that option in:

  • Settings
  • Advanced
  • Edit Quick Settings And from here on out, it’s pretty much the same thing as putting your apps in order. Since you are setting things up on your new Samsung Galaxy 3 watch, you may also want to take a moment and set up your preferences around metrics. In particular, pay attention to things like kilometer vs. miles or kilograms vs. pounds and such by following Samsung’s guidance.

Download Songs

As we mentioned above, smartwatches are in many ways similar to smartphones. One of the same aspects is local storage – especially as far as the Galaxy Watch 3, in particular, is concerned. 8 Gigabytes of storage is way more than enough for storing most, if not all, of your song library. This is the best method for those who wish to leave their phone behind now and then and listen to music without it. So, that’s one of the best Galaxy Watch 3 tips and tricks that we can recommend. You’ll find the option by going to your smartphone, then:

  • Open the Galaxy Wearable app.
  • “Add content to your watch.” At this point, you can either manually insert your songs, or you can also enable auto-sync.

Set up SOS Contacts

All Galaxy smartwatches come with an SOS feature that, for some reason, is disabled by default. Enabling it is one of the best Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 tips and tricks that we offer. In case something goes wrong, and we hope that nothing will, it can literally save your life. So, to enable SOS on your Galaxy 3

  • Open your wearable app.
  • Select “Send SOS requests.”
  • Toggle it on
  • Enable “Count down before sending” Then add the contacts that you want to get notified in case of an emergency. Once it’s enabled, you just have to quickly tap the power button on your watch 3 times for it to send an SOS emergency to your selected contacts. We recommend you enable the 5-second countdown to avoid alerting your loved ones by accident.

Enable “Good Night Mode.

Getting alerts on your watch is, no doubt, a handy feature. But the truth is that nobody wants to be bothered while sleeping (with very few exceptions). So, one way to prevent your watch from waking you up during the night is by enabling “Good night mode” – and being able to sleep well is important – which is why we think this is one of the best Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 tips and tricks. You can do that either by using the wearable app or directly through the watch. To do it through the watch:

  • Swipe down from the top of the screen
  • Open the quick settings panel.
  • And tap on the “Goodnight mode” icon that looks like a cres Alternatively, you can also do it with the wearable app by going to:
  • Wearable app
  • Quick settings
  • Good night mode
  • Toggle to “On” This is going to silence everything except alarms temporarily. It also disables the AOD (Always On Display) and “lift to wake” feature, increasing your battery life. So, don’t forget to turn it back on in the morning. If you’re on the Watch 3, you should also find the option of automatically enabling it when you sleep. Here are 20 hidden features on your Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 that are worth checking out!

Keep it Quiet

Samsung’s good night mode comes in handy when you want to sleep. But, sometimes, you just want to disable everything – maybe during a sleepover or while watching a movie at the theater. That’s where you can take advantage of “Theater mode.” To enable that, go to:

  • Wearable app
  • Quick settings
  • Theater mode This is going to disable notifications, AOD, lift-to-wake-up, and touch wake-up as well. So, if you want complete silence for a while, that’s one of the best Galaxy Watch 3 tips and tricks that we can give you.

Don’t Let Others Disturb You

While we’re on the subject of peace and quiet, there are understandably times when you don’t want others disturbing you. That’s where you may want to enable the Do Not Disturb mode. To do that through the Galaxy Watch:

  • Scroll down from the top of the screen
  • Open the Quick Settings Panel
  • And tap on the “Do Not Disturb” icon. You can also set a schedule if you wish to do so for DND to get automatically enabled at a specific time, at a specific period.

Keep it Simple

The Galaxy Watch 3 is full of useful sensors and features. However, useful as they may be, they also consume a lot of battery – even when you don’t actually use them. So, if there are times when you don’t need all that good stuff, you can just turn them off and use the smartwatch as a normal watch – which is no doubt one of the best Galaxy Watch 3 tips and tricks. To enable it, on your watch, go to:

  • Settings
  • Battery
  • Watch Only Holding down the power button for 3 seconds is how you go back to normal. Until then, your watch is a watch and nothing more.

Extend Battery Life on your Galaxy Watch 3

Another way of extending a Galaxy Watch’s battery life without crippling it is by using the power-saving feature. You’ll find that under the watch’s settings:

  • Settings
  • Battery
  • Power saving This reduces the processor’s performance, disables wireless connectivity, disables all features except notifications from apps that don’t need wireless connectivity, and it also greyscales the screen (SOS is still available).

Check out the Available Galaxy Watch Faces

One of the best things about owning a smartwatch is that you can make it look like any watch you want. Be it digital or analog. Taking advantage of such a feature is one of the best and most simple Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 tips and tricks that we can show you. In our case, this feature is called “Watch faces.” You can find the option under:

  • Samsung wearable app
  • Discover
  • Top watch faces And that’s where you can download and use other watch faces.