Top 10 Animal crossing tips

Alien invasion

If players are awake on Saturdays at 3:33 a.m, the game has a little secret. If players sit in front of a TV at the right time on the right day, Animal Crossing has a really cool surprise for them - an alien invasion, or so it seems. The aliens will speak their language and perhaps warn players of their impending arrival. It's a really cool and scary feature for players who enjoy that sort of thing.

Demon dogs

In keeping with the scary theme from the first Animal Crossing secret here, this one is also a bit frightening, but cool nonetheless. When players interact with the doghouse furniture item, which is craftable, they are met with frightening red eyes and a ferocious growl.


Perhaps the most popular monster of all-time, Godzilla can be purchased as a "monster statue" from Nook's Cranny. When placed, this statue has an interesting interaction option. The feared Titan can breathe fire when interacted with. This is a really great little Easter egg for fans of Animal Crossing and Warner Brothers' MonsterVerse.

Shopping after hours

While Nook's Cranny closes at 10 p.m. and the Nook boys will kick players out after that, the Able Sisters Tailor Shop does not. Many players might think they close when it becomes closing time, but they won't kick them out at any point.

Fishing after it rains

Fishing after it has rained on the island will increase the chances of finding rare fish. These are great for donating to the museum or bringing in a lot of bells. Fishing after it rains and even while it rains can get players some really rare fish. What are some other secrets, tips and tricks for players to try out in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

Make Lots of Friends!

The Animal Crossing games are essentially all about being social; the main point is to make friends with the animals in the game. But you also need to have real human friends in the game to really progress in levels, get materials and bells. Of course, you can add your real friends if they play the game by sharing your ID or entering theirs. Otherwise, I recommend checking out an Animal Crossing community, like the Pocket Camp subreddit on Reddit, where they post a monthly Friend Code Thread for you to post your ID and add other players. It's a good idea to add lots of friends, because it'll make it easier to play the game in many ways. Add lots of players, visit their camp, water their gardens, help them with events, lend them a hand in the quarry, and they'll return all the same favours to you!

Save Your Leaf Tickets

Leaf Tickets are the premium currency in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. You can only get them for completing special tasks, levelling up, receiving rewards for quests, or buying them with real money. While it may be tempting to use them to speed up crafting times—don't do it! Be patient and let things finish crafting. There are other more useful things for leaf tickets, like crafting premium objects or clothes, buying special fortune cookies or unlocking inventory space. Speaking of which...

Spend Some Leaf Tickets to Increase Your Inventory

As you play the game and collect items, you'll notice that your storage space will get full quite quickly. Your inventory increases as you level up, but only to a maximum amount of 150 slots. You'll likely need more than that as you go along, so it's a good idea to use some leaf tickets to increase your storage space. I find it pretty comfortable to get up to 200 slots at least, and then try your best to manage your space from there on out.

Keep a Stockpile of 10 of Each Fruit, Fish, Bug and Shells

One of the main parts of the is fulfilling requests for animals around the camp and at different locations on the map. To make sure you can quickly fulfil their requests, I recommend keeping a stockpile of 10 of each:

  • Fruit (apple, cherry, coconut, orange and pear)
  • Fish (black bass, crucian carp, pale chub, yellow perch, horse mackerel, olive flounder, red snapper, squid)
  • Shells (conch, coral, scallop)
  • Bugs (fruit beetle, horned dynastid, monarch butterfly, tiger butterfly)
  • Keep a random selection of flowers too as you'll randomly get requests for a flower of your choice Keep in mind, however, that if you ever get a request for an item you don't have in stock, it's an automatic catch if you go to the location in-game to find it (i.e. the game is programmed for you to find that item when you go to that location—usually within a few minutes). You can sell excess items for bells directly from your inventory.

Give Your Lowest Value Items to the Villagers

Sometimes you'll get a request not for a specific item, but for any fruit, bug, shell, fish or flower of your choice. Make sure you give out the items that are worth 10 bells only! You'll still receive a gift and friendship points for doing so. Giving out higher items does net you a higher reward, but never give away anything worth more than 1500 bells, as the animals won't ever pay you higher you than that. Giving away special fruit (worth 600 bells) can end in a reward of 1500 bells, and some rare fish and bugs can also end in higher rewards. But if you nab a fish or bug worth 2500 or more, just sell it directly.