Top 10 Androidapps tips

Use your smartphone as a remote

Most Smart TV and Streaming devices let you use your smartphone as a remote. And the Samsung Smart TV is no different. However, there are a few extra steps involved. First up, you need to install the SmartThings app from the Play Store or the App Store. Next, log in with a Samsung account, if you don’t have one, you can create it here. Once you enter the app, you will find your Samsung TV, just make sure your TV and the phone are under the same WiFi network. The app lets you adjust the volume, change the channels, navigate with the touchpad and even turn the TV ON or OFF.

Use A Mileage Tracking App

Alright, time for one of the most important DoorDash tips and tricks that a lot of beginner drivers miss out on. Did you know that according to the IRS, the standard mileage rate for using your car for business purposes is $0.56 per mile? That’s right: accurately tracking and reporting your mileage from DoorDashing can help you save money on your tax return. Plus, it’s also important to track your fuel costs to ensure you know your true hourly pay and if you’re driving efficiently. If you’re looking for an effective mileage tracking app that also lets you log your income, I suggest reading our Hurdlr review for more information! Pro Tip: You can also use the GetUpside app to earn cash back rewards when refueling between deliveries!

Use your Android phone to unlock Chromebook

Most Chromebooks now are supporting tablet mode as they are already touch-enabled. But typing the password in a tablet mode is not an easy task as we need to use the Virtual Keyword. But we can change that to PIN when using in tablet mode. Open System Settings and in the ‘You and Google’ section, click on the ‘screen lock and sign-in’ option. Change the option to ‘PIN and Password’ and set the PIN. So every time, you are using the Chromebook in tablet mode, you can just press the PIN to unlock. You can connect your Android phone from the connected devices section and unlock your Chromebook when your Android phone is near it. Just like how you can use Apple Watch to unlock your iPhone.

Private Listening

This is one of my favorite features of the SmartThings app, it allows you to route the audio of the TV through the smartphone. It can come in handy when you want to watch late-night TV without waking up your significant other. You can simply plug in a pair of headphones to your smartphone and turn on this feature from the SmartThings app. Alternatively, you can also use it as Chromecast audio. For instance, if you have guests over or you’re having a party then you can also broadcast the audio from smartphone to the TV or the music system connected to the TV with the SmartThings app.

Always Communicate With Your Customer

Another useful tip for Instacart shoppers to keep in mind is to always stay in communication with the customer. This provides better service overall, makes your life easier, and ultimately increases the chances you get a nice tip. Here are some good times to get in touch with the customer:

  • Order Starts. Send a simple “Hello, I’m your Instacart shopper and am beginning the shopping trip. Please let me know if there’s anything you need or if you have any questions” sort of deal.
  • Replacements. Normally, you should use common sense to find replacements, or the customer will have left notes about their preferences (more on this in a bit). However, if you’re absolutely lost, it’s a good idea to message the customer for clarification.
  • Delays. If something is holding up your delivery, send a quick text to inform the customer. And, here’s an Instacart shopper secret that’s going to help simplify life: use voice to text to communicate! I mean, who has time for texting when you’re walking around a store, collecting groceries? Learn how to use voice to text on your smartphone and send messages to the customer that way to be more efficient.

Be Fast With Replacements

Agonizing over product replacements is where many beginner shoppers can hurt their hourly earnings. The bottom line is that for most products, you should be able to find a simple, acceptable replacement very quickly…just use common sense! Also remember to check notes in the Instacart app since many customers leave specifications about replacement products. But again, it’s all about using your brain…Instacart’s recommended replacement suggestions are often buggy and poor choices anyway, so just go with your gut and make the right choice!

Stay Up to Date

Like your Android Device or Applications, Android Auto also receives frequent updates. These updates add more features and functionality to your Android Auto experience. You can subscribe to keep yourself updated about the latest news and updates. You have to enter your email address at the bottom of the Android Auto’s webpage to receive the latest news and other information. See Also: Remotely Erase Android Phone Data without Internet

Turn your TV on with the Smartphone

The SmartThing app allows you to turn off your TV, but you can’t turn it back ON after turning it OFF.  To fix this, you can enable ‘Power On with Mobile’ in the Network settings, it’s like Wake On LAN but with the SmartThings app. Simply go to Settings > General > Network > Expert Settings > Power On with Mobile.

Capture screenshot without notifying the user

Umm, yes, Snapchat notifies the user when you screenshot their photos, but you can bypass this by following our given trick. Check out: Useful WhatsApp tips and tricks that you should know When you want to screenshot a snap, quickly turn on the Airplane mode and then take the screenshot.

Smart Keyboard Inputs

Typing on TV using the remote is horrendous. Fortunately, Samsung Smart TVs have a workaround to this problem. When you want to type something using the virtual keyboard using the remote, it automatically gives you the option to select the next probable letter. For instance, it suggested ‘.com’ once I was done typing the domain name in the URL box. Smart and Intuitive. I like it. Alternatively, you can buy a cheap Air Mouse from Amazon which not only comes with Air remote but also has a keyboard. We tried it with Samsung smart TV running the latest Tizen OS and it worked fine.