Top 10 Androidapps tips

Turn websites into Chrome apps

One thing Chrome OS still lags behind is the lack of apps. Of course, we have Android apps and Linux apps. But some of them are not well optimized to work on Chromebooks. Thankfully, you can turn most web apps to standalone Chrome apps with a simple trick. Just head over to Aplicationize website and paste the URL you want to convert into an app. And follow the instructions shown on the Aplicationize website. Google Docs, Twitter, Facebook, Wordpress are some of the apps which don’t work great with Android and are in which you can try this method for a better experience.

Save Data and Battery

Our next Android Auto tip relates to saving that data consumption and battery juice while using the app. The point to note is that while using Android Auto in your car, it’s your smartphone that is doing the majority of things. You are using the smartphone for data connection, Bluetooth, apps and more. This could result in your phone getting hot and also drain out the battery. To save battery you can preload maps and other stuff when you are WiFi frequency range and then turn off the WiFi to save battery. Moreover, you could also use the “WiFi Suspend Mode” to stop searching for a WiFi signal. This will save your battery and won’t heat up your device.

Open apps with a Shortcut

You can open apps in the Shelf ( a.k.a dock or toolbar ) easily through simple shortcuts. Just press Alt + 1 to open the first app on the shelf from the left. Similarly Alt + 2 for the second app, Alt + 3 for the third app, etc. So if you have placed Chrome as the first app in the Shelf, you can just access Chrome by just typing Alt + 1 every time.


This app also will allow you to save your photos on the cloud without losing any quality. In this app, you have unlimited cloud storage. Simply download this app and simply upload all your photos and album to this app. Download UNLIM

Separate Hot & Cold Items

On the note of customer service, make sure you separate hot and cold items in the order as best as you can. This is especially important if you’re delivering a combo like ice cream and a hot food item. Cold drinks should also be separated, if possible. If you need a solid delivery bag, you can also checkout this one on Amazon for a cheap starter bag: For short deliveries, this won’t be game changing. However, for 20+ minute trips, this simple trick can help keep food and drinks at more enjoyable temperatures and make the customer happier.

Take a partial screenshot

This is something you might know already that you can take a screenshot just by pressing the Control + Overview button which has an icon of a rectangle with 2 lines and in the place of F5. But there is also an option to take a partial screenshot of just a certain portion of the screen. Just press Control + Shift + Overview button, the screen will turn a bit darker, just select the part of the screen you want to take a screenshot and get a screenshot of just the portion you want. A fun tip: Press the Control + Alt + Overview button, and take a screenshot of any window on Chromebook.

App Cloner

This app will allow you to change the icon and Text of any app on your Phone. For Example, You can change the WhatsApp icon with Instagram and change the text of WhatsApp to Instagram. This app will save you from stalking your Phone :). Download App Cloner So These are The top 5 Best Hidden Android Tips and Tricks. So Let me know your thoughts about the top 5 best hidden tricks of android in the comment section below.

Change the Downloads Location

By default, all your downloads go to the download folder and there is no other folder on the Chrome OS. Thankfully, you can change that. Open browser settings > downloads and change the location by clicking on the change button. And create a new folder from there if you want. Normally all the files you have downloaded and the files you copied will stay in the same place, with this trick, you can actually make it more organized. Or even directly download to Google Drive, as Chromebooks generally don’t have much memory space, you can save a lot of data on your Chromebook.

Offline Google Maps

Having Offline Google Maps or Navigation Maps can be handy and useful during journey or at places where there are Internet Network Issues. To avoid any unwanted trouble, you can always download your desired Google Map or Maps and use them Offline whenever and wherever required. Here is how to do it:

  1. Open Google Maps App
  2. Click on your Profile at the Top Right Corner
  3. A menu will appear on the Left. Select “Offline Maps”
  4. Now click on “Select Your Own Map”
  5. Select your Desired Map and click “Download”. In few seconds your map will be downloaded for Offline Use.

Copy data from the computer to the Nvidia Shield via USB

If you go to the System settings > Storage and restart you will see that there is an option that allows you to activate the access to the storage of Nvidia Shield TV through a USB A to USB A cable. Ok, the cable may not be the most popular, but you can buy it from Amazon easily. When you connect the Nvidia Shield TV to the computer it will appear as another external disk, so you can copy the files you need. A faster option for large files compared to the option to do it over the local network.