Top 10 Androidapps tips

Run Windows software

As we can now run Linux on Chromebook, we can use the Linux app called wine to run Windows app on the Chromebook. Windows have a great collection of apps than Linux and we can install apps like Photoshop, Brave Browser, etc which are not even available for Linux. As these Windows apps are working on Linux and Linux is working on Chrome OS in a virtual box kind of setup, these apps have few lags and work great only on powerful Chromebooks like Pixelbooks. To install, open the terminal and run the command

sudo apt-get install wine

Wine will only work on the intel based Chromebooks but not on ARM-based Chromebooks. Wine is also available as an Android app, which can be installed on any Chromebook and work perfectly, but it can only install Windows RT apps.

Double up the Charging speed

You have a slow charging android smartphone and are fed up with its slow charging, then here is the Trick. We all know that we can speed up the charging speed by simply switching off the phone. But if you do now want to switch OFF the Phone and still want to Double the Charging Speed then Simple Pull down the Notification Bar and Put the Phone in Airplane Mode. This one simple Trick will help to almost double up the Charging Speed even if you don’t have a fast charger of even if your phone does not support fast charging.

Double-Check Orders Before Leaving!

If you want to make more money with DoorDash, a common theme to follow is to work for tips. DoorDash pays using a formula that includes:

  • Base Pay – Includes time, distance, and desirability in the calculation.
  • Promotions – Includes Peak Pay and challenges.
  • Tips -You always keep 100% of your tips, so it pays to work hard on the customer service front! Tips are the variable magic here, and a generous tip can transform your DoorDash earnings per hour. But, one of the easiest ways to mess up your tip is to leave the restaurant without double-checking the order! I mean, imagine how frustrated a customer would be if they paid for something, only to find out it’s missing from their order. Even though this is always the restaurants fault, you need to double-check everything in their order is correct to keep the customer, your potential tipper, happy.

Set Up Auto Reply

We have become habituated to pick up our smartphones every now and then. But, while driving it could be dangerous to type or even use the phone. Android Auto will help you with Auto Reply feature. To set up this feature you can set up Auto Reply. Just go to the settings menu of Android Auto and turn this feature ON. You can also set a custom message or response. Besides, you can also opt to read the text messages aloud to you. Must Read: 20 Google Maps Tips and Tricks and Hidden Features

Navigate between Chrome Tabs much fastly

We can navigate between the chrome tabs with the shortcut Control + Tab, which is already popular. But there is another lesser-known way to navigate even faster. You can just swipe with three fingers on the trackpad from left to right and right to left and change the tabs. It may take time to use it when needed, but after using it for a few days, it will make the navigation much easier and faster. But make sure you are not using two fingers, that may take you to the previous page or the next page which is not you wanted.

Auto Launch Android Auto

For starters, it could be a bit lengthy process to connect your smartphone with Android Auto. But, there is another way which will connect your smartphone with Android Auto. The “Auto Launch” feature lets you automate this process. This feature will open Android Auto in your car, whenever you connect your smartphone to the car’s Bluetooth. To use this feature you have to go to Settings and tap on the “Auto Launch” under the Phone Screen Settings. There, you just have to enable the option of “Auto Launch”. Besides, there is another option of “Pocket Detection”. This feature lets you connect your device to the car only when it is out of your pocket. Moreover, you can select the option to turn ON the Bluetooth whenever the Android Auto app is launched. You’ll find this Android Auto tip interesting.

Triple Tap to Zoom

This Android Phone Hacks and Tricks is very useful for people with poor eyesight. You can just Triple Tap anywhere on the screen of your Android Smartphone  or in any application to zoom out and zoom in. Here is how to do it:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Accessibility -> Visibility Enhancement -> Magnification -> ON
  3. Select Triple Tap to Zoom.
  4. That’s all.

Grab Extras For The Customer

Another simple DoorDash tip is to just grab extras for the customer before leaving the restaurant. Examples of this include:

  • Extra sauce packets
  • Napkins and wet wipes
  • Plastic cutlery This is a small gesture that will add an extra 30 seconds to your delivery, max. However, it provides better quality service and helps improve the odds you get a nice tip!

Floating Shutter Button for Camera

Now there is No need to stick to the default and fixed Camera Shutter Button while clicking Photos and selfie. You can now have a floating camera shutter button on your Android Smartphone. Here is how to do it:

  1. Open Default Camera of your Android Phone.
  2. On Top Left Corner there is the Settings Icon. Click on it.
  3. Scroll down and select “Shooting Methods”.
  4. Switch ON the “Floating Shutter Button”.
  5. That’s all. Now you have a floating Shutter Button on your Default Android Phone Camera.

Install Third-Party Apps Supported by Android Auto

What better way if you could use your smartphones apps in your car. Android Auto allows you to do the same with ease. You can install third-party apps from the Google Play Store. You have to open the Android Auto app and then tap the hamburger sign on top to bring the list of menu. Then select “Apps for Android Auto” which will show you the apps that you can install and use with Android Auto. You get messaging apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Skype, and others. Moreover, the list also includes various music apps like Google Play Music, Gaana, Saavn Music, etc. Editor’s Pick: 7 Best Android Auto Alternatives to Use in Your Car