Androidapps tips

Control Music Playback

Car plus music is something that comes with default. We love to carry our music collection on our mobile phones. What better way to use our favorite music player right in the car with Android Auto. You are not limited to play songs stored on the pen drive or your smartphone. Moreover, you can connect your smartphones music streaming services and listen to songs online. Besides, you can also use the voice assistant to play the song of your choice without even touching the car’s interface. Before, using this feature you might also want to specify the music player or streaming service you want to use. Because your voice assistant might get confused with so many music apps on your device. To set a specific music app go to your phone’s Settings>Google>Search. Under Google Assistant header select Settings. Then tap Music, where you will see the list of installed music services. Select the default app you want to use with Google Voice. That’s it!

Use Navigation with Ease

While traveling, we need navigation help. Google Maps is our go-to direction assistance app on our smartphones. Now with Android Auto, we can have the same functionalities in our car. Android Auto makes this so much easier as we are more familiar with the Google Maps navigation system. You just have to say “OK Google” with the destination name and it will be fed to the Maps page. The available routes to your destinations will be shared via Android Auto. The best possible or fastest route will be suggested via voice assistance. Another way to use Google Maps is to manually enter the destination and start the navigation.

Do More With Google Assistant

Google Assistant is the best Android-based Voice Assistant. Other assistants are still not able to match up to it. The flexibility of doing a thing with our voice is incredible. And we get the same flexibility in our car with Android Auto. These questions or queries might not sound relevant to you, but it is a functionality which your car was lacking. With Android Auto, you can ask Google questions like “What’s the news?”, “What is the Weather Today?”, “Remind me to go shopping?”, etc. You have to make sure that you activate the “OK Google” detection ON “While Driving”. Don’t Miss: List of 70 “OK Google” Commands for Google Assistant

Use Hands-Free Function To Make Calls

This is the most basic thing that you can do with Android Auto. Talking to someone while driving is fatal and could be a cause for an accident. To avoid such danger, you can use the “Hands-Free” feature of the Android Auto. You have to say “OK Google” to activate the Google Assistant and say “Call XYZ” (XYZ is the name saved on your contact list). This is similar as you would do on your smartphone. Besides, you can also dial the number with the dialing pad at the bottom of the screen. This is a great way to use Google Assistant in your car. You don’t have to worry to pick up your phone and make the call. Just sit relax, drive and use Android Auto.

Appointment Settings For Google Calendar

This a great tip if you use Google Calendar to add reminders. You can add your meetings, interview, shopping dates, etc as a reminder on the calendar app. While setting a reminder on your Google Calendar through smartphone or computer, make sure to put in the address of the appointment. This allows the Android Auto to directly launch the Maps and show the address of the destination. Moreover, this will also help you to get warnings of when to leave for the appointment based on the traffic situations in the route to the destination.

Enhance Your Music Listening Experience

The in-built music system in cars are good but, we do not get many settings for equalizers. On the other hand, our smartphones have dedicated equalizers for music listening. When you connect your phone to Android Auto, you get the same music settings of your phone in your car. This is bound to improve your music experience and also it pulls out the real capabilities of your car music system.

Split Screen Freeform

This Trick will allow you to resize your split-screen and freely move your split-screen on your Android Phone. To Enable this trick First enable your Android Developer options. To enable the developer option go to the about phone then tap 7 times on the build number. Now in your phone settings, you have one more option caller developer options. Enable the developer options and Enable the Force Activities to be a resizeable option and Also Enable Free Form WIndows option. Then Restart your phone. Now you have the Free form option click on it and you have access to resize and freely move the split-screen.

Control your TV with the Nvidia Shield TV remote

The HDMI connector of the Nvidia Shield TV offers CEC support , this means that you can control the TV with its remote. To do this, in the Settings, go to the option of Screen and sound and activate the option of Power control (CEC TV). Now when you grab the remote to turn on the Nvidia Shield TV the TV will also turn on if it is in standby mode . In addition to being able to control the volume.

Installation of applications from unknown sources

Similarly, when using Android TV you can also decide whether or not you want to allow the installation of applications from unofficial sources. This is important to do when you are clear about the provenance and reliability, if not, our recommendation is not to do it. To activate this option, in the Settings go to Security and restrictions , activate the Unknown sources option.

Customize the home screen

Like Android TV, you can customize the home screen according to your interests. For example, to show you suggestions for services such as Netflix, YouTube or Play Store applications. From Settings> Home Screen you can adjust what you want to be or not visible. Within the home screen you will also see settings to automatically organize the applications you use the most . Here it is a matter of taste, if you want to know where each of your apps is at all times, disable this option. If, on the other hand, you like having the most used ones of the last days visible, activate.