Androidapps tips

In Play Store you can type "pub:" then a developer name to show all the apps published by that developer.

Example, search "pub:Google LLC" to show all the public apps published by Google

Glympse, share gps.

I use it whenever I'm meeting someone, so they know my exact eta/location. It works great. It's like Uber for your life.

Take advantages of Chrome Offers

With the Chromebook, Google is also throwing some offers for you. Which you can access those offers by Going into this link: – Chromebook Perks Open this link from the Chromebook so that Google can verify that you are using Chromebook and provide you a promo code that you need to paste in the Redeem option in the Play Store and can use that Offers.

Stop access to create an account from the lock screen

Chrome OS gives us an option to create an account from the lock screen itself. With that, anyone can open your Chromebook and can create an account in it. Though they cannot access your files,  they can use your entire Chromebook with their google account or by using Guest Account. In case, you don’t want that, you can turn off that by going into system settings and in the ‘people’ section, select ‘manage other people’ and turn on ‘restrict sign-in to the following users’. You can select some users whom you want to use your Chromebook if you want. And turn off Guest browsing. So no one can access your Chromebook without logging-in.

Quickly change the Audio Output and Input

Chromebooks have an option to easily change the Audio Output / Input by opening the quick setting panel and selecting the option beside the audio controls. It will show all the options including Bluetooth. You can seamlessly switch between audio devices without connecting and disconnecting every time. This option will only available if you have connected any devices to it. Similarly, you can change the input too.

Add Dropbox or One Drive in the File Manager

By default, along with native files, you all get Google Drive option in the file manager, but you cannot find any other services. But we can install them easily by opening the three-dot menu on the Files app and click on ‘add new service’ and then ‘install new service’. And we can download services like Dropbox, One Drive, etc from here easily to your file manager. As an added bonus, you can even change the download location to them and save space on the system memory.

Change the Downloads Location

By default, all your downloads go to the download folder and there is no other folder on the Chrome OS. Thankfully, you can change that. Open browser settings > downloads and change the location by clicking on the change button. And create a new folder from there if you want. Normally all the files you have downloaded and the files you copied will stay in the same place, with this trick, you can actually make it more organized. Or even directly download to Google Drive, as Chromebooks generally don’t have much memory space, you can save a lot of data on your Chromebook.

Take a partial screenshot

This is something you might know already that you can take a screenshot just by pressing the Control + Overview button which has an icon of a rectangle with 2 lines and in the place of F5. But there is also an option to take a partial screenshot of just a certain portion of the screen. Just press Control + Shift + Overview button, the screen will turn a bit darker, just select the part of the screen you want to take a screenshot and get a screenshot of just the portion you want. A fun tip: Press the Control + Alt + Overview button, and take a screenshot of any window on Chromebook.