Androidapps tips


This app also will allow you to save your photos on the cloud without losing any quality. In this app, you have unlimited cloud storage. Simply download this app and simply upload all your photos and album to this app. Download UNLIM

File Compress

If your phone storage is full then this app is for you. As you know Video will get half of the phone’s storage. This app will compress the video size of 1 GB or more into 100 MB or Below. Simply download an app called Panda Compressor and select the video and simply compress that video. Download Pandas Compressor


This app will allow you to get one more android in your android phone which is rooted. You don’t need to root your phone to void your phone warranty. Simply download this app and you have one more option for your phone with a root without rooting your whole device. In this app, you have free access to download any root app and tricks. Download VMOS

Mirror the Phone to TV

There are a few ways to mirror your smartphone screen to a TV but the Samsung SmartThings app makes it a one-tap solution. When connected to the TV, go to the SmartThings app > tap the TV > reveal the options by tapping the three vertical dots > select “Smart View”. Alternatively, you can watch OTA channels on your smartphone with the SmartThings app if you have an antenna plugged into the back of the TV. Neat.

Turn off background network search

On a phone, tablet or computer it can be interesting to be looking for new WiFi networks in the background. But on a device like the Nvidia Shield TV it doesn’t make as much sense once you’ve connected it to your local network via ethernet cable or wirelessly. Because the network will not change. So, go to the Network settings and disable the option.

Add filters

If you have been wondering, how do people add filter to their snaps, since no option is available. You are in the right place. It’s very easy to add a filter to your photos, just swipe right or left after you capture the photo in  Snapchat. Snapchat has the following filters:

  • Geolocation filter: It adds your current location to the snaps.
  • Time filter: It adds the current time to your snaps.
  • Temperature filter: It adds the current temperature of your location to your snaps.
  • Black and white
  • Saturated
  • Sepia. Also read: Facebook Messenger: Tips and Tricks And now comes the best part, you can also use multiple filters on your photos in Snapchat by following the given steps:
  • Capture your photo.
  • Select the first filter by swiping right or left.
  • Tap and hold the screen, then swipe again to select the second filter.

Fast forward the snaps

Sometimes you don’t want to watch certain snaps, you need not wait for 10 seconds to check the new snaps. You can fast forward the snaps by tapping the screen while checking the stories. Doing this, will skip the current snap and jump to next snap. Also read: 8 cool new WhatsApp Status Tips and Tricks | A beginners guide to the WhatsApp status.

Switch cameras instantly

The normal way to switch the camera from front to rear or vice versa is to tap the camera icon located at the top right corner of the screen. However, if you want to switch the camera from any part of the screen or while recording the videos, you can do that by double tapping the screen. This will instantly switch the cameras.

Be Snake and Shoot

Battle Ground Mobile India -BGMI games always have a group of fighters lying around on the floor hoping someone else pops their head up first. That person usually gets killed soon. By the way, so make sure it isn’t you. Going fully prone in BGMI is important, so much so that it has its own dedicated button. It’s also a double-edged sword, however, as while you’ll get a nice recoil and accuracy boost and generally be a little more hidden, mobility is almost non-existent. If someone approaches you from behind while you’re on your chest, you’re almost definitely going to end up dead, especially if you’re looking through a scope at the same time. Keep an eye on your mini-map and the surroundings before hitting the grass, and don’t be afraid to flank your opponents when they’re lying down. This was the last Battle Ground Mobile India Tips and Tricks to increase your KD in BGMI.

Take Wheels rather than Running

If you need to get somewhere fast, Then you need a vehicle. Vehicles are littered all around each of the game’s maps but you’ll find more near the main roads. Unfortunately, while there are lots of vehicles to go around, there are 90+ other players looking to get some of the wheels too, so be sure it’s safe before approaching. The motorcycle and buggy are both great for zipping to the next play area but will leave you relatively exposed. Larger vehicles like the jeep will be slower but are great for carrying around four players with a nice amount of protection. remember this 3rd Battle Ground Mobile India Tips and Tricks PUBG Mobile’s touchscreen controls can be a little hard at the best of times, so you can imagine how difficult it is to deliver next to an opponent when they’re driving straight at you. The downside, however, is the amount of attention you’ll draw thanks to those loud engines.