Androidapps tips

Copy data from the computer to the Nvidia Shield via USB

If you go to the System settings > Storage and restart you will see that there is an option that allows you to activate the access to the storage of Nvidia Shield TV through a USB A to USB A cable. Ok, the cable may not be the most popular, but you can buy it from Amazon easily. When you connect the Nvidia Shield TV to the computer it will appear as another external disk, so you can copy the files you need. A faster option for large files compared to the option to do it over the local network.

Processor performance

The Nvidia Shield TV integrates a Tegra processor, if you are not going to use the device with GeForceNow or do not need it to be at maximum power and performance at all times, in Settings> Processor mode you can adjust between optimized and maximum performance.

Adjust the intensity of the green LEDs

Some people find the green LEDs on the device attractive. And yes, they have their point, but it is also true that when the room is completely dark they can get annoying. The brightness level can be varied, just go to System> LED Brightness and adjust it to the value that interests you most. We would opt for low, so that it continues to maintain a little that differentiated point but without disturbing.

Reset your Smart TV

Finally, if you ever ‘mess up’ settings on your Samsung smart TV, you can reset it to factory settings and start fresh. Unlike other settings, this option is buried deep so that you won’t accidentally use it. To reset your TV, go to Settings > Support > Self-Diagnosis > Reset.

Scan your TV for Viruses

It’s always a good practice to scan your USB devices when plugging to a computer and Smart TVs are no exception. Samsung Smart TVs let you scan your entire TV and USB devices. However, the option is hidden behind the Settings. To scan your Smart TV, navigate to Settings > General > System Manager > Smart Security > Scan.

Turn On Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC)

Anynet+ (universally known as HDMI-CEC) allows you to control your TV with a Streaming device remote (such as Firestick remote) and vice versa. You can even turn on your TV with Google Home and Chromecast using HDMI-CEC. You can find this feature under Settings> General> External Device Manager> Anynet+(HDMI-CEC).

Change the DNS on your TV

Changing a DNS server on your Smart TV can help you unblock geo-restricted websites, achieve higher browsing speeds, etc. You can even block ads on your Samsung Smart TV if you use a Pi-hole. Simply go to Settings > General > Network > Network Status > IP Settings > DNS Setting > Enter Manually > DNS Server.

Turn On Hospitality Mode

Your Smart TV is not only smart but also sneaky, it has a secret menu that is designed for the Hospitality industry. It has a few options which let you change a few settings like Energy Savings Mode, Source selection, max volume limit, etc. The secret code to get to the Hospitality Mode is different for every smart TV but you can try this guide and figure the code for your TV. My Smart TV responded to Mute + 1 + 1 + 9 + Enter.

Game Mode

The game mode is a nifty little feature that prepares your smart TV for gaming. A little bit of latency can be irritating and Samsung aims to reduce it. It offers a dedicated mode that prioritizes the HDMI signal coming from your gaming console or computer to offer low latency and optimized picture settings. You can turn on this option by navigating to Settings > General > External Device Manager > Game Mode.

New Update Brings Freshness

Google has released a new update for Android Auto. These improvements and new look were revealed in the Google I/O Event. The most noticeable change is the new look of the interface. You now get a dark theme with new fonts, and colors. This is a great feature as it is convenient to use dark mode at any time of the day. Especially at night, this feature is a home run. Moreover, you also get improved notifications. Drivers can now select to view, listen, and respond to messages and calls more easily. This update also brings changes to the navigation feature of the Maps app. Now the driver can see turn-by-turn directions. Besides, these added features have made this already great app the best.