Top 10 Android tips

Recover Deleted Messages on Android.

This Hack has instead been proven to be a blessing for many users. It can be used to recover accidentally deleted messages from your Android smartphone. This Hack requires a PC, yet it is easy and straightforward to perform.


It is the last but not least tip in the top 10 Best hacks, tips and tricks for Android. Encryption is a feature in Android that stores data on your phone by changing it in a scrambled form. That means no one can access your phone without the decryption pin. It is highly recommended if your phone has sensitive information that you think may go in the wrong hands. With encryption enabled, no one can access your storage or data without the pin you set.

Floating Keyboard

Did you know that you can have a Keyboard that can float anywhere you want on the screen as per your convenience? You can even Resize the Keyboard and Change Colour / Theme of the Keyboard. For this you must have the Google Gboard Keyboard App installed and activated as the main input method. Here is how to do it:

  • Download and install Google Gboard Keyboard App and activate it as the main input method from setting.
  • Now open any App such as SMS or Whatsapp
  • Start a New Chat / SMS or Reply to an existing Chat
  • Bring the Cursor in the Typing Box
  • The Gboard Keyboard will appear
  • On the Keyboard at the top Right corner you will see the 3 dots. Press on the 3 Dots
  • Select “Floating”.
  • Now you can easily float the Keyboard on the screen anywhere you want as per your own convenience.
  • You can also Resize the Keyboard, Change Colour / Theme of the Keyboard and do few other adjustments as per your need.

Emergency Lockdown

If you don’t trust your surroundings, or you are too cynical of people, then this feature is perfect for you. Emergency lockdown instantly disables the fingerprint scanner, and facial recognition, as well as hides all the sensitive content on the lock screen. To set up Emergency Lockdown, go over settings → Security and Location → Lock Screen Preferences → Toggle Show Lockdown option. Emergency lockdown button can be accessed from the Powerbox which eventuates when you press and hold the power button. How to use Google Translate without Internet

Add any WhatsApp Chat Shortcut to Home Screen

You can easily add shortcut of any individual or group Whatsapp chat to home screen for easy access. Here is how to do it:

  1. Open Whatsapp
  2. Long press any individual or Group chat.
  3. On the Top Right Corner on 3 Dots, select “Add Chat Shortcut”
  4. Now you can easily add shortcut of the chat to your home screen for quick and easy access.
  5. This option is available in many other apps too.

Different Volume for Different Android Apps

Do you know that Android has in-built feature that lets you automatically adjust different volume for different Apps such as Ringtone, Media, Notification, System Sound, Alarm etc depending on your preference. Here is how to do it:

  1. Press the Volume Up Key
  2. Now Tap on the 3 Dots at the Top
  3. Now you can adjust volume of Ringtone, Media, Notifications and System Settings

Cast Windows 10 on Android TV

While Chromecast works fine if you are using an Android smartphone or using Chrome on Windows 10, it does not cast the whole Windows 10 screen. Basically, on Windows 10, the casting is just limited to Chrome tabs. Thankfully, there is Miracast technology which supports Windows 10 casting. We have written a detailed guide on how to cast Windows 10 on Android TV so follow the guide and you will be up and running Windows 10 on Android TV.

Right there, right when you want it

App Actions predicts what you’re about to do, so you get to your next task more quickly. If you do something like connect your headphones, the playlist you were listening to earlier is front and center.

Data Saver Mode

Data Saver Mode is a great addition to Android TV by Google. With Data saver mode enabled, you can watch 3 times more content using the same amount of data. You can also enable alerts if the data reaches certain limits. This feature will be helpful for those who use mobile hotspots to stream content on Android TV. However, keep in mind, the feature update has not hit all Android TVs yet and it will be available with the Android 9 update. As for Mi TV in India, Data Saver Mode is already available and that’s why we have included it in our list of best Mi TV tips and tricks. For other Android TVs, you will find Data Saver Mode in “Device Preferences” under the Settings page.

Double up the Charging speed

You have a slow charging android smartphone and are fed up with its slow charging, then here is the Trick. We all know that we can speed up the charging speed by simply switching off the phone. But if you do now want to switch OFF the Phone and still want to Double the Charging Speed then Simple Pull down the Notification Bar and Put the Phone in Airplane Mode. This one simple Trick will help to almost double up the Charging Speed even if you don’t have a fast charger of even if your phone does not support fast charging.