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Dungeon Defense and Offense Strategies

Always build traps around the entry point for invaders (gold mine, etc.). Use canons, doors, and spike traps to stop them earlier in a raid. While these traps will keep them busy, deploying your minions in defensive rooms, warehouse/treasury, and Dungeon Heart might turn out to be a cautious move in case they bypass the entry point. Build traps in tunnels so that they can act as an obstacle for enemies. Try building hidden traps such as spring traps, boulder traps, fireburst traps to fend off a group of trolls and other enemy units. Research new spells and take advantage of them to inflict area damage/unit damage during offense raids. Spells cost mana, which can be collected at the dark library. While raiding enemy dungeons (this includes dungeons belonging to random online players), choose the entry point that’s not too heavily guarded. Observe the dungeon layout and select one entry point from 2–4 entry points that connects with rooms and tunnels with fewer traps. Remember that trolls can easily destroy hatcheries, but are vulnerable to voltaic arc (electric type attack). When attacking enemy dungeons, you can only launch units from highlighted tiles. Select your units and tap on the highlighted tiles to deploy them. A new room destroyed by them automatically becomes a claimed territory from which you can deploy units. A claimed room acts as a shortcut to get to the enemy’s heart or other rooms. While defending your dungeon, you can deploy units from highlighted tiles in each room. This includes the room where the heart is located.

Get Free Gold and Stone

Stones and Gold are required to construct new buildings/traps and upgrade existing rooms, buildings. There are plenty of ways to earn free stones and gold. Follow these hints to earn more of these resources:

  • Create tunnels to unclaimed stone quarries and gold mines and then claim them. You may also have a random chance of discovering gold or stones when digging up rock tiles.
  • Upgrade quarries and mines to increase resource output per hour and production capacity. Next, upgrade the warehouse and treasury to increase storage capacity.
  • Win offense and defense raids to get lots of stones and gold. You can also win additional gold and stones if you raid a random player’s dungeon or take part in a special event.

Unit Advantages and Drawbacks

  • Skeletons act like infantry. They take less damage from defensive rooms. Deploy them in groups to damage room defenses.
  • Bile demons spew poison, which can quickly destroy traps. They are slow but quite powerful. These sluggards are immune to poison. Bile demons are also resource-hungry monsters, so make sure you use them to target enemy warehouses and treasuries.
  • Warlocks are excellent ranged attackers. Their fireballs easily travel over walls and can be extremely destructive if used to destroy buildings. But they can be easily killed by trolls.

Guide to Using Gems

Save gems for future tasks, especially those that require more time to complete. Don’t use them for tasks that complete in 4–5 minutes. You may use them to summon units quickly if you are too impatient, but it takes hardly ten minutes to summon them. You will need to spend 10 or more gems to speed up the recruitment process. To spend fewer gems, just summon half of the total units waiting in the queue to watch the gem count coming down to 7-6. You don’t need to spend gems on upgrading the warehouse or treasury. Let one of your imps toil hard for an hour or so while you concentrate on constructing traps and summoning minions. Keep this in mind: Don’t waste those precious gems to speed up upgrades, unless your quarries or treasuries are full.

Learn How to Use Gems and Get Them Free

Most players (and reviewers) have issues with the game’s free-to-play nature. In several occasions, players are forced to use gems to speed up excavation and construction. Gems are “premium currency” in this game, and although players have access to 500 free gems, there’s always the fear of running out of those trinkets after using them in tasks that require lots of time to complete. Thankfully, there are various ways to earn free gems in Dungeon Keeper, and they are all hack-free. Here are a few tips to get those jewels. Also in this mini-guide are a few tips to help you conserve these precious gems, but first, let’s find out how to get them for free. (Note: By now, most players might be aware of these tips, but they may help newbies who just can’t decide when to use them or how to get them free) Besides free gems from the devil, you will also get 10 extra gems if you sign-in with your Google account. While excavating, your imps may discover a few gems hidden beneath those tiles, and I am not talking about “Gem veins.” These are plain rock tiles that may contain gems. To go for a sure-shot gem or gold, dig those gem veins, but it will take more than a couple of hours, sometimes one whole day, to dig them out. Keep digging for these hidden trinkets, but make sure you have a good layout in mind before excavating tiles. Completing simple tasks such as claiming stone quarries, researching spells, constructing new buildings unlock achievements will earn you free gems. There are lots of achievements to unlock, and each achievement has those special trinkets you want. So keep upgrading, building, researching to get them free. Take part in special events. Hit the Raid button and tap on the Survival Raid button located beside the campaign button. In this special event, you will need to fend off incoming enemy attacks. Each successful wave your dungeon survives will earn fabulous rewards, such as gold stone and gems.

Multi-camera support

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Upgrade Key Buildings

  • Build and upgrade the hatchery. Every upgrade will increase the minion cap by 5. The hatchery also doubles up as defensive building. It can launch massive eggs at invading units.
  • Upgrade treasury and warehouse to increase gold and stone cap, respectively. Your Dungeon heart will require more stone, so upgrade both warehouse and quarry to quickly increase stone production.
  • Upgrade the dark library to increase mana production, faster mana rate and defense rate.
  • You can also upgrade traps. Tap on them and level them up to increase their attack rate and health. Similarly, you can upgrade defensive rooms to boost their health and attack rates.

Know the Rules

  • Make sure you hit the claim button to claim rooms that already contain a stone quarry/gold mine. You will find a few such excavated rooms scattered around your dungeon. Use your imps to dig out rock tiles to create a tunnel to the unclaimed room. When the path is clear, just hit the claim button to capture it.
  • You cannot build a defensive room close to another defensive room. You can order imps to excavate tiles that are adjacent to claimed territory.
  • Attackers will enter your dungeon through claimed rooms. Place traps on tunnels that connect claimed rooms to Dungeon Heart and other defensive rooms.
  • Make sure you collect stones and gold by tapping on quarries/mines regularly. Uncollected stones and gold will be snagged by enemy units.
  • Whether you are attacking enemy dungeons or defending your lair, summon units first. To recruit them, hit the summon button just above the raid button.
  • Protect your dungeon’s heart at any cost. It’s in your enemy’s hit list. You should also protect all rooms, especially the treasury and warehouse, which store your hard-earned gold and stone. The treasury and warehouse isn’t a defensive room and so needs extra protection.
  • You get an efficiency boost every time you slap an imp. To do this, tap on the minion icon at the top-left corner of the screen and swap those imps. The next boost will be available after 30–40 minutes.

Enable or Disable Notification Dots

Another new feature that comes with Android Oreo is notification dots. These dots show that there is something new in the app that the user should check out. While some users might find that a very useful feature to have (including me), some might just find it in the way. Either way, Android doesn’t take the right of choice away from the user, and hence allows the user to enable/disable the notification dots as per their liking. Additionally, you also have the choice to disable these notification dots globally or per app.

Automatically Enable Wi-Fi

Android Oreo also comes with the ability to automatically turn on WiFi when you’re in home or office, where there is a high-quality network available. It comes as a nifty little feature that while conserving battery, also allows you to automatically switch to high-speed networks. To enable this feature, follow the steps below:

  • Open up your Android Settings and head over to “Network & Internet”. Once there, tap on “Wi-Fi”, to open the WiFi related settings.
  • A list of all your Wi-Fi networks will now appear. Scroll down and select “Wi-Fi preferences”. A new screen will now appear. Just enable to toggle next to “Turn on Wi-Fi automatically”, and you should be good to go. Your WiFi will now automatically turn back on when near high-quality saved networks, such as your home network.