Android tips

When adding a contact 'tab' in messaging press their picture to select which number to send too.

If you have a contact with muliple phone numbers and you add them into to 'To' field in the messaging app (or gmail, etc.) it'll usually default to the first number, in my case it's usually the 'home' phone number which results in a canned text telling me I can't text a landline.If you press the contact picture on the 'tab' it'll let you select which number (email address, screen name, etc you want to send too).


This gets rid of all the fading and sliding transitions between windows. I found this makes my Droid feel much zippier for example. You lose the cool effects though.

You can pin widgets to the dock bar.

Http:// just found this out on accident. Not sure if this feature was ever advertised. In case you're wondering about the widgets:-Tunein Radio-Beyond pod-My custom profile toggle widget I made in tasker (reads "line out" when headphones are in and clicking it loads up a list of music apps)-the last 2 are "prepay widget" since I'm on the T-Mobile $30/mo plan.

Navigate home with one button press using Pebble Tasker.

Ok technically two presses. I have Pebble Tasker set to open from my watch face with a long press. Added a task in Tasker called "Go Home," here are the details:1. "Send Intent" action2. Action = android.intent.action.VIEW3. Data = google.navigation:q=address+separated+by,+plus+symbols4. Target = Activity5. (optional) Add "Media Volume" action, set Level to maxThere's more options available for choosing walking directions, avoiding tolls, etc. Here's the full list of available commands.Hopefully this'll help someone else!Edit: Added a separate action within the task to set the audio level to max volume after opening navigation.

If you want to change the case of a word, highlight it and press the shift button on the keyboard.

I just discovered this recently. I'm on android 4.4.2, so I don't know when it started

You can still double tap to lock on LG devices with Nova launcher if you double tap the status bar

When selecting text in the browser, touch the area of the text you want to copy before you go and press Select text in the menu. This will ensure that when the cursor appears, it will do so where you want it.

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