Android tips

Allo and Duo can be used on in-flight wifi without paying (confirmed Virgin America).

Connect to wifi. Do not pay or register.Confirm YouTube, websites require registration before accessing content. Use Allo. Profit.Can anyone else test other airlines and report back?Tested and Working Features:- Duo video calls- Allo chats- Video/Media attachmentsTested Airlines:- Virgin America

How to enable emoji suggestions in both SwiftKey and Google Keyboard.

Both keyboards are capable of recommending emojis in the prediction bar if you type the name of the emoji, but the Google Keyboard seems to have a very limited number of emojis it recommends. I have only tested the stock Google emoji prediction on Android L. It may not work or be present in the settings in the 4.4 keyboard. Pics: Keyboard1 - Go to Settings -> Language and input -> Google Keyboard Settings (cog icon)2 - Under text correction, go to Add-on Dictionaries3 - Download and install "Emoji for English Words" Swiftkey1 - Open the SwiftKey app2 - Go to Advanced3 - Enable emoji prediction

How to (somewhat) use the KitKat multitasking view on Lollipop.

I discovered this neat little trick while playing with 5.1 on my 2013 Moto X, and have not tested it on anything else. Using Nova or a similar launcher, add a widget for Activities. Then go to System UI>Overview (recent.RecentsActivity) and place that shortcut. This will, when pressed, open to KitKat-style multitasking. I prefer Lollipop's but maybe somebody will enjoy it. As a sidenote, System UI>L Land (LLandActivity) becomes a shortcut to the Lollipop Flappy Bird Easter Egg. Does this work with your device?

One click scans with Google Drive.

I discovered this a little while ago and love this feature for super easy archiving of receipts, etc.You can create a scan widget from Google Drive that goes directly into a folder in your drive. The scan lets you snap a picture, and then crops it and increases contrast for readability. All scans in Drive then become searchable via OCR.So I created a folder called 'Scans' and then under that, 'Groceries', 'Home and Auto', etc. I then created about 5 widgets that each directly launch the camera. I put these icons on a secondary home screen. Now, whenever I have something I want to archive, it's only a click away for super easy filing.