Android tips

Reveal hidden Android Options and settings.

There is a hidden menu in settings in every Android smartphone that contains a set of tools, options, and parameters that enable you to gain more control over the phone’s internal settings. It is named Developer Options. It is hidden by default, but it can instead be easily accessed. Also, it contains many essential settings, like animations and USB debugging.

Recover Deleted Messages on Android.

This Hack has instead been proven to be a blessing for many users. It can be used to recover accidentally deleted messages from your Android smartphone. This Hack requires a PC, yet it is easy and straightforward to perform.


It is the last but not least tip in the top 10 Best hacks, tips and tricks for Android. Encryption is a feature in Android that stores data on your phone by changing it in a scrambled form. That means no one can access your phone without the decryption pin. It is highly recommended if your phone has sensitive information that you think may go in the wrong hands. With encryption enabled, no one can access your storage or data without the pin you set.

Automatically get lyrics on YouTube.

Get-Lyrics is our favourite trick for Android. Due to freedom of permissions for Android apps, this simple trick will get live lyrics on every music video you watch on YouTube. It works very well and is a must-try trick.

Unlock Hacks.

There are several ways you can control your screen lock in Android, yet many users are not aware of this feature. In this trick, we will show you three effective methods by which you can reduce the number of times you enter your password. Therefore it will make your life very easy.

Create your personal space in Android.

We have a lot of personal information stored on our phones. Android offers to keep this information safe by providing screen locks. There are also App locks available on Google Play Store as well as you can have vaults installed. But there is a simple android trick that will let you create your own space in your phone. You can install apps, create different accounts, and store personal data in this space, and no one will know.

Rotate your screen in Play Store My Apps to check for updates.

I've always been frustrated with the fact that if I'm already on the my apps screen in the Play Store, I have to go back out and come back in to get it to check for apps that have new updates. I just covered yesterday that if you rotate your screen and make it flip to landscape it will also refresh the apps list and check for updates. Hope this saves some of you a couple of taps as well.

If you have a Samsung phone, and your carrier has disabled Tethering and Mobile Hotspot, you may be able to enable ir using Samsung Sidesync.

But you'd never break the terms of service, right?