Android tv tips

Use the New Remote App

As, you know, you can use an Android smartphone to control your Shield TV, or any Android TV for that matter. However, for Sheild TV 2019, you can use the revamped remote app which includes app and game shortcuts and new buttons. To set it up, install the app on your Android and the app would detect the Shield TV on the same Wi-Fi network. Using the app, you can type using the smartphone keyboard, control volume, it even has a power button.

Find your Remote

I guess, NVIDIA knew about the affair between couches and remotes, that’s why they chose to include a remote finder feature on the new remote. You can press a button on the Shield TV to buzz the remote. It would sound a loud enough beep to help you find the remote. However, if you want to be lazy and don’t want to get off the couch, you can still activate the buzzer from the settings using an Android smartphone. Navigate to Settings> Remote & Accessories> SHIELD Accessories> Shield Remote> Find this remote. Although, keep in mind that if the remote has died or is out of range of a Wi-Fi signal, it will not be able to locate it.

Parental Controls

One of the easiest ways to censor content on your Firestick or Fire TV device is to set up parental controls. This will limit access to apps and more with a simple code. To enable Parental Controls, use the following steps: From the home screen, Open Settings >select Preferences>choose Parental Controls Here you can set a Pin Code that will restrict access to videos, the purchasing of certain content, and more. For the latest news and tutorials in the tech and streaming world, be sure to sign up for the TROYPOINT Advisor with updates weekly. This Advisor provides all the best tips to get the most out of your favorite streaming devices and more. Click the link below for your TROYPOINT Advisor Subscription: TROYPOINT Advisor Try some of these Firestick Tricks & Tips out today if you own a Fire TV device!

Enable Bluetooth Device

For many, the provided Amazon remote is just not enough when it comes to navigation within the Firestick. Luckily, there is a setting within Fire TV’s to sync all your favorite Bluetooth accessories to the device. This includes items such as headphones, keyboard remotes, gaming controllers, and more. To sync a Bluetooth device to your Firestick/Fire TV, use the steps below: From the home screen, Open Settings>select Controllers & Bluetooth Devices>choose Other Bluetooth Devices>click Add Bluetooth Devices Once discovered, you can now select your Bluetooth device for use.

Clear App Cache/Data

If you find an application is not working properly and want a quick fix, oftentimes a simple clear cache/data will do it. This is a great way to reset the application you are trying to use and begin with a fresh start. To clear Data, use the following instructions: From the home screen, Open Settings>select Applications>choose to Manage Installed Applications>choose your preferred App>click Clear Data>click Clear Data again We also suggest clearing the cache for the application which will clean any recent files within the application.

Screen Magnifier

For those of us whose eyesight isn’t great, Amazon provides a Screen Magnifier that will zoom in on a focused item. This is a great tool to view pictures and content clearer and more focused. To enable Screen Magnifier, use the following steps: From the home screen, Open Settings>select Accessibility>choose Screen Magnifier This will enable Screen Magnifier for use. To navigate the device with Screen Magnifier on, the following options are provided:

Turn off Video Ad Auto-Play on device home-screen

Another popular complaint among Firestick users is the annoying video ad that plays at the top of the home screen. This usually auto-plays a movie or tv show trailer and can be irritating especially when the volume is on. Luckily we can disable this “auto-play” and adjust so only still screenshots appear. Follow the steps below to deactivate this feature: From the home screen, Open Settings> select Preferences>choose Featured Content>Turn Off “allow Video Autoplay” and “Allow Audio Aoutoplay” to display these ads silently. We suggest viewing our detailed tutorial below for blocking ads on the Firestick/Fire TV. How to Block Ads on Firestick/Fire TV

Turn Off Firestick

Firestick and Fire TV devices do not have an option to Power or Turn Off. However, there is a “sleep” feature that can save power on your device and TV. Amazon Fire TV devices have a set timer built into them. However, you can also enable the Sleep function manually by holding down the Home button and selecting Sleep. While this may seem like a simple feature, many do not know it exists! Use the guide below for more information: How To Turn Off Firestick/Fire TV If your device is having issues and turning off your Firestick/Fire TV doesn’t help, we suggest restarting or a factory reset. How to Restart Firestick How to Factory Reset Firestick

Cast to Firestick from iPhone/iPad

Casting is one of the most popular Firestick Tricks on this list. One of the best unknown features of the Firestick is its ability to allow mirroring from a separate device. This will allow you to cast anything on your mobile screen directly to the TV in a matter of seconds. To do so, it will require the installation of a separate app that is available for free in the Amazon App Store. Once installed, you will be able to cast, record, and more, directly from your phone or tablet. How To Cast to Firestick/Fire TV Those using Roku devices can also cast from other devices. Check out our Roku Screen Mirroring article for more information.

Fire TV Remote App

Many Firestick owners express issues with the remote Amazon provides with this device. This includes not syncing, battery failure, and more. Fortunately, there is an app user can install on their mobile device that works exactly like the Amazon remote control. This is available on all iOS devices including iPhone/iPad, Android, and Fire tablets. One of the best features of the app is the ability to use your phone’s keyboard to type which is much faster than the on-screen method. The guide below will show you how to install the Firestick Remote app, sync your remote, and much more. Firestick/Fire TV Remote Resource Page Firestick Remote Alternatives New: How to Control Firestick/Fire TV via Remote Access