Top 10 Airpods tips

Connect or Reconnect to AirPods Manually

AirPods are supposed to connect to your primary device automatically when you open the case. But sometimes it doesn’t work. You can connect them manually from the AirPlay menu. The fastest way to get there is by using Control Center. Open Control Center and press in the Now Playing widget. Then tap on the AirPlay button in the top-right. This will show all available devices. Tap on the AirPods to connect to them.

Pick Your Double-Tap Function

Did you know that you can switch out your double-tap function for your left and right AirPods? You can find it in the same setting where you toggle automatic ear detection. Open the Settings app, go to Bluetooth, and click the blue “i” icon under My Devices. Tap on Double-Tap on AirPod. This section lets you adjust what happens if you double-tap your AirPods. This neat AirPods tips and tricks lets you customize your AirPods on a deeper level. You can choose between activating Siri and playing/pausing your music. You can also choose to switch to the next track or go back to the previous track. If you don’t want to use the feature, deactivate it.

Turn AirPods Max on or off

Sadly, the only way to turn AirPods Max on or off is by using the case. They will stop playing music when you take them off your head but will not sleep and keep draining the battery. Thus, always put them back in the case when you want to turn them off. Similarly, take them out of the case when you want to turn them on.

Find Lost AirPods

When you inevitably lose your AirPods, the Find my AirPods feature will come in handy. It’s a sub-feature of Find my iPhone and if you’ve already set it up in the Find my iPhone app, it automatically applies to your AirPods as well. Open the Find my iPhone app and tap on your AirPods to see its location on the map. If the AirPods are charged up and active, you’ll see the location with a green dot. You can navigate to it easily. You can also tap on the Play Sound button to play an increasingly loud sound that will help you spot them. If you’ve lost your AirPods in your house or your room, this is the best way to find them. If you see a Gray dot, it means the AirPods are inactive. The app will still show the last known location of the AirPods and you can go to the place and try to find it manually. We’ve covered how to find lost AirPods in-depth in our guide here.

One Squeeze (Or Two) Is All You Need

Before we continue, know that this feature is exclusive to the AirPods Pro. If you don’t know yet, the AirPods Pro has force sensors at the stem of the earphones. This feature lets you pause and play your music or answer calls with a squeeze. You can also squeeze the stems twice to switch to the next track in your playlist. If you squeeze thrice, you go back to the track before the current song. Long squeezes switch between noise cancellation and transparency mode. Now, you don’t have to take your AirPods out when you need to talk to someone.

Announce Messages with Siri on AirPods Max

Apple had to find a way to integrate Siri with AirPods Max. While saying “Hey Siri,” activates it, and you can proceed from there, there is a technique to help you read messages with Siri. It is called Announce Messages with Siri. This means Siri will read out the messages for you when you have your headphones plugged in. You can instantly respond to those messages. Here is how you do it:

  • Add it to the Control Center.
  • Tap the icon to enable ‘Announce Messages with Siri’.
  • Mute it for the number of hours or keep it as it is.

Get accessories for your AirPods

You might be using an excellent case for your iPhone, a screen protector, and some other helpful accessories. Similarly, you can customize your AirPods with ear hooks, a cover for the charging case, strap, etc. Here are some posts that might help you find the right accessory.

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  • Ear Hooks For AirPods
  • Best AirPods Straps

Test out spatial audio on AirPods Max

To get an idea of Spatial Audio and exploit it to its maximum, watch the content that helps you build the right experience; that is a content that supports Dolby Atmos 5.1 or 7.1 audio. Turn your head around while watching the movie, and you will hear the sounds following your movement. It is one of the craziest experiences with AirPods Max for sure!

Check AirPods Battery Life from iPhone or Apple Watch

If you don’t want to open the AirPods case every time you want to check the AirPods battery life, add the Batteries widget to the widgets screen. Navigate to the bottom of the widgets screen and tap on the Edit button to add the Batteries widget. It will now show the battery percentage of all connected devices. If the AirPods are connected to the iPhone, you can even check the battery percentage using your Apple Watch. Open the Control Center and tap on the Battery Percentage button. Below, you’ll see the AirPods battery percentage.

Check Battery Life from iPhone

You can simply flick open the AirPods case to see the battery life. But what if you want to see it while using them. It’s best to enable the Batteries widget. Go to the widgets screen, tap on Edit and enable the Batteries widget. Now, whenever the AirPods are connected, you’ll see the battery of both AirPods and the case.