Airpods tips

Get a Wireless Charging Case For Your AirPods

In case you haven’t got one already, then you should get AirPods wireless charging case. Apple’s AirPods Wireless Charging Case – $69 [Amazon]

Disguise Your AirPods Case With a Decal

One way to protect your AirPods from being stolen is to disguise the case. You can add a decal that makes it look like a tic-tac box or a floss box, at least from a far. Etsy has a huge range of such decals. Not a bad way to spend a couple of dollars.

How to Reset AirPods

If your AirPods just aren’t connecting to the iPhone, or if they’re having weird connectivity issues, it’s best to quickly reset them. You can do this by just pressing and holding the back button for more than 10 seconds. The AirPods will be unpaired and you’ll see the Connect AirPods popup in the device. You can also reset AirPods by going to Bluetooth, selecting your AirPods and by tapping on Forget This Device.

Use AirPods with Apple Watch

AirPods work directly with the Apple Watch and they work really well. You can use AirPods with cellular Apple Watch to make and receive calls as well. If you go on runs with the Apple Watch and AirPods, first connect them by going to Control Center and taping on the AirPlay button. Select your AirPods from the list and now whatever you select will be played on your AirPods.

Check Battery Life from Apple Watch

If your AirPods are paired to the same iPhone as the Apple Watch, you can see their battery life from the Apple Watch as well. Just swipe up to reveal the Control Center and tap on the battery button to see the AirPods battery life.

Check Battery Life from iPhone

You can simply flick open the AirPods case to see the battery life. But what if you want to see it while using them. It’s best to enable the Batteries widget. Go to the widgets screen, tap on Edit and enable the Batteries widget. Now, whenever the AirPods are connected, you’ll see the battery of both AirPods and the case.

Connect or Reconnect to AirPods Manually

AirPods are supposed to connect to your primary device automatically when you open the case. But sometimes it doesn’t work. You can connect them manually from the AirPlay menu. The fastest way to get there is by using Control Center. Open Control Center and press in the Now Playing widget. Then tap on the AirPlay button in the top-right. This will show all available devices. Tap on the AirPods to connect to them.

Use them as wired headphones

AirPods Max can be used as wired headphones too. For that, you have to purchase a Lightning to 3.5mm cable from the Apple store. This cable retails for $35 and is available in Black and White colors.

Factory reset your AirPods Max

Despite your headphones being premium, sometimes they act up. They may have issues connecting to your devices or have a random hardware issue. There is nothing to worry about, and you can always resolve this issue by resetting your headphones. For detailed information on how to factory reset your AirPods Max, check out our guide.

Turn AirPods Max on or off

Sadly, the only way to turn AirPods Max on or off is by using the case. They will stop playing music when you take them off your head but will not sleep and keep draining the battery. Thus, always put them back in the case when you want to turn them off. Similarly, take them out of the case when you want to turn them on.