Advice tips

Record Reading Time With the Kids.

Last month I thought recording story time with the kids would be a good idea. This has paid off for us in spades. The kids absolutely love recording the stories. They are more attentive and interactive with the books when reading. They quickly learned that if they are distracting and doing other things, they hear it in the playback and don't like it; so they are now the sweetest children when the recorder is on. On really late or tired nights, they know I may be too tired to read and love pulling up a recording to listen to fall asleep to. The app I we auto saves the files to Google Drive and I setup sharing so my kids can pull it up on their own devices. I didn't realize how quickly this would go, but we have about 40 recordings already.Bonus Points: My 7yo is now writing his own story books so that we can read and record them at bed time.

Use PowerPoints to draft ur essays

Don't drink 5 school cartons of mill.

I don't feel so good

How to get your parents to let you do things you want.

It's simple; Just do the stuff they ask! If you're asked to load or unload the dishwasher you do it! If you're asked to take out the trash you take out the damn trash! Complaining about things will only make your parents annoyed and therefore stricter. If you do little things for them that really only take two seconds they'll remember and be nicer. Say you're half an hour after your curfew but you did all your chores that day, they might let you off.Seriously I started doing this about 4 months ago and the changes are incredible!

Under the coin tab in the store(it's gone for me because i opened them all) you can buy 25 royals badges for 5k 5times. That's 25k for 125 badges, which is enough to complete the set 8 times. Each time you complete the set you get 3k and a 65+ royals player(24k & 8 65+'s for 25k)

How to see if admin actually looks at the dumb s**t they make you turn in.

This year my administration has been asking us for a lot of “deliverables“, which I have had the suspicion they are not actually looking at… They are just trying to check boxes as usual. This strategy applies to Google docs, not sure what other people are using: make the document viewable only by you— if they actually try to access it, they will need to ask for permission.

Don't claim your free award until you have found a post that deserves an award.

There is no timer on your award until you actually claim it. This way you can ensure your award goes to a good post.You don't get to see what kind of award it is until you open it tho :(EDIT: I literally said you can ensure to give your awards to a good post that actually deserves it, so stop giving it to mine

Before fighting the Ender Dragon use a bed to set your spawnpoint right next to the end portal.

So if you die you can go get your stuff and keep on fighting

If you dislike fake birthday wishes make your date of birth private on social media and see who remembers.

This year nobody remembered

Not a lot of guys like makeup