Top 10 3dprinting tips

If your significant other breaks your heart, just print a new one!

Use a mesh laundry bag to store all your silica gel packets

Dont peel off filament by hand!

If you're dealing with stuff like hair on figurines, add snippable support structures manually for stability

A Simple fits inside a Replicator

Wet nylon to clean nozzle.

So, I printed in nylon today, but I didn't clean the hot end very well, and had some PLA schmotz built up in the nozzle. I did a couple of cold pulls with nylon, but it kept coming out dirty. Then I remembered a small engines trick, and figured it was worth a shot.I purposely wet some nylon and did a cold pull with it, and man, did it clean that nozzle like brand new. The steam scrubs the pla off the walls and nozzle very nicely.