Top 10 2007scape tips

If you need to know an enemy's health without damaging them, just use a blowpipe spec and you will be guaranteed to hit a 0

If you lure a spider like this while mining sulphur for lovakengj favour, you take no damage

Kill kraken like this if you wanna confuse the hell out of people

F2P players can buy maple logs for 7gp ea and burn them then sell the ashes for 29gp ea netting over 2mil on the way to 99.

This is the antithesis of the alternative method in which you purchase membership and burn $11 and receiving nothing of any real value.

You can decant jewellery at the GE.

Just right click Murky Matt (rune icon). Just blew everyones minds in my cc, so thought I would share here too :)

Look around for free models and seek out local 3d printing services that will be ridiculously cheaper than giving your money to dweebs that make money off models they don't own

If you’re afking NMZ on your phone, turn on screen magnifier and hover it over HP and PRAYER orbs, it makes it a lot easier to notice when you have to re-pot.

You can use instead of to create two accounts under one email.

Enjoy the hardcore adventuring!

You can press CTRL + W to erase the last word you typed, is also useful if your chatbox looks like this: "1111111111111111111111111111111111".

I believe this is exclusive to OSBuddy.

Need to give CPR? Give chest compressions to the beat of Sea Shanty 2. This song is 100 beats per minute, which is the exact number of compressions/min the American Heart Association recommends for CPR.