design tip

Create a Brand Color Palette

In the first section of this article, you saw how Oberlo creates a cohesive brand look by sticking to our signature blue color palette. But there’s more. Different colors elicit different emotions. As a result, they can affect the way we feel about brands, products, and services. They can even affect the decisions we make. This is why brands are very strategic when choosing a color to use in their marketing communications. In the graphic below, you can see how colors relate to emotions and how companies use this connection to strengthen their brands. Interesting, right? So, if you want to design Instagram Stories that stand out from the crowd, you need to choose a great color palette. What colors represent your brand best? In the example below, you can see how hair extension brand Luxy Hair uses pink, purple, and blue pastel colors to create a soft, feminine look. To learn more, check out our guide on color psychology.