assassinscreed tip

You can easily complete raids with a much higher power level than you.

I Had to reupload this because apparently when I put (Spoiler Free) in the title it tags it as a spoiler.**So as of right now I am at Power Level 49. I was in real need of some Raw Materials, so I attempted a raid with a Level 90 recommendation. And I learned that if you rely more on your fellow raiders and focus on grabbing the resources, you can complete a raid that is much higher level than you.If you use a "Run in headfirst and beat the piss outta the enemy" playstyle, this isn't for you. I'm posting this because it allowed me to build up my settlement faster than if I had payed attention to the warning. But if you do take this approach, I highly reccomend that you have at least 2 Community yomvikinjr, because on average they're very high level and have better gear.Obviously this strategy won't work for everybody, but it's just some food for thought.