puzzle-and-dragons tip

[JP] No.4313 in Yu Yu Collab is Very Good for Lii/Macha Leader Swap.

LS: 4/1/4 and 7x6 board**- UnbindableThis card is very good for stalling since it is very tanky and does not have an ATK multiplier(which is good for stalling trash floors w/o hitting too hard to kill)Use: - AA for cross leader switch (not the best)- Challenge mode A1/2/3 and ColoShe brings 2 sbr for 100% when doing challenge mode. A build I have in mind is: Edward/ No. 4313 / Kamimusubi /x/x/ Edward This team is 100% bind and skill bind resistant with FUA and all colors. Quality roll for a 5* IMO.