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Try These Instacart Shopper Speed Tips

Alright, if you’re really looking for some pro shopper tips to work more efficiently, these speed tips are what you need:

  • Deli Orders. For deli orders or anything that involves waiting around, try to place your order first or at least grab a wait ticket and continue shopping rather than waiting around.
  • Park Near The Cart Corral. This is a simple trick but will shave 30 seconds or a minute off of every batch.
  • Bag Produce While Waiting. I’ve seen some pros recommend this Instacart shopper tip, and while it’s a little extreme in my opinion, it does save more time. The idea is to not bag your produce when you pick it up but to instead grab a bunch of produce bags and to start bagging while you’re waiting to check out.
  • Mark Items As Found. Instacart’s app lets you check off products from your shopping list as you add them to your cart. For beginners, doing this will likely save time since you won’t have to double-check that you grabbed everything.
  • Bring A Small Basket/Hand Cart. Some Instacart shoppers also bring their own basket or hand cart to shop with them since it’s easier to maneuver around stores and lets you move faster. These Instacart shopper hacks might seem inconsequential, but everything adds up to boost your hourly pay! Extra Reading – 28 Best Apps That Pay You To Drive.