windows10 tip

Virtual Desktop

Now, you don’t need to install an application to create a virtual desktop. If you have window 10 in your system, and you want to do multitask at the same time, then it has become possible now because of this virtual desktop feature. To use this amazing feature,  you just need to press “window + Tab” keys simultaneously. You can also click on the Task View (the icon to the right of the Windows menu) directly as well. After opening the tiles view of different currently active windows, you need to drag one of the windows and place it on the “+ New Desktop“. Or, if you want to create a totally new one, you can just click on “+ New Desktop” and pick the newly-created desktop. When you pick a newly-created virtual desktop, this will separate your new window from the previously created, window i.e, you can’t find all previously opened apps minimized instead this window will be totally fresh like when you restart your computer. This is one of the best features that you can use, while you are using your social media or watching movies and suddenly need to switch to a new desktop when your boss takes a sneak peek on your screen. To remove any virtual desktop, you need to click the “windows + tab” and cross the intended window by clicking on the cross-icon located on the top right corner of each window.