windows10 tip

Automate Deleting Files

If you are tired of deleting junk and temporary files manually again and again, then this step might be helpful for you. To automate it, go to Settings ➜ System ➜ Storage ➜ Turn on the storage settings. Just below that toggle button, you can find the configuration link. By clicking on that “configure storage sense“, you can when this clean up should be run like when the storage is low or should run in every week or month. On top of that, you can also set either the temporary files and downloaded files that haven’t been used for a long time should be deleted or not as well. This kind of option really helps those people who don’t have enough time to check each file either that should be deleted or not. On the contrary, it may also delete the important files which have not been opened for a long period of time. So, we suggest that you also consider that condition as well.