vandwellers tip

Select the Right Van for You

Know what makes van camping much easier? Selecting the right van in the first place! A few of the most common types include:

  • Minivan – Small and discrete, a minivan is a good choice for those that prefer a simple van camping setup.
  • Cargo Van – One of the most popular types of vans for custom builds, a cargo van is spacious, stealthy, and very versatile.
  • Fixed-Roof Campervan – Designed straight from the manufacturer as a camping van, these vans have a fixed roof that doesn’t change in height.
  • Pop-Top Campervan – Very similar to a fixed-roof campervan but with one key difference: these vans have a pop-top roof to extend while parked for more interior space and standing room.
  • Class B RV – A more luxurious take on a campervan, these extra-long van-sized RVs usually have a complete kitchenette and very small bathroom onboard. Of course, if you already own a van, there’s no reason you can’t build that model out to suit your needs. Our beginner’s guide to van camping has more info!