minimalism tip

Buy quality (quality doesn’t need to be expensive).

Many prominent minimalists talk about buying quality things, and often, the way that message comes across is that quality is always expensive. But that’s not necessarily true. For instance, I’ve owned this pair of dressy-ish Crocs flats (as dressy as I’m going to get in this season of life, anyway) for more than two years now and they are still going strong. They were under $15. They can be washed off easily. They are comfortable and perfect for life with kids. The same is true for furniture. We have a few thrifted items, along with mainly IKEA chairs and couches because they are pretty durable and the covers can be replaced if necessary. With little kids, that last feature is pretty essential. So much depends on the wear and tear the item will take, along with judging whether or not the more expensive item will wear out just as quickly as the less expensive item. Take the couch, for example. I could spend 2-3 times on a couch but it wouldn’t necessarily last any longer (my boys are ROUGH on these things – there is jumping off couch arms every day all day). I figure I might as well save a thousand dollars and buy a “quality to me” IKEA Ektorp. We’ve also found it easy to find second-hand Ektorp couches and replaced covers, too. Bottom line? Do your research. Read reviews. Buy used quality items, if possible. Then, just make a decision (and remember to not be afraid to make mistakes).