depression tip

Hang Onto Hope

Hopelessness is the hallmark of depression and depressive thinking. If you are struggling with depression, it is so tempting to think that this is the way it always will be. But life takes different twists and turns and we don’t get to know what the next chapter in our life will bring if we give up on ourselves. A client of mine suffered from a major depression that largely centered around loneliness and comparing herself to her seemingly happily married friends. Despite my regular reminders that life stories can change, she was convinced that hers never would. But her story did eventually change and she is now married and enjoying her new chapter in life. Additionally, a few of her seemingly perfect and happy friends who she used to compare herself to are now divorced and facing new chapters of their own. The bottom line is that things can change. The voice of depression may try to convince you that they won’t, but they can and they often do.