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Leave the Jogging Stroller at Home

I love our jogging stroller. It’s capable of navigating everything from ankle-deep snow to clay mud to leaf-strewn trails. Sadly, since our son was old enough to sit up on his own, our jogging stroller hasn’t joined us on vacation. Its replacement is a perfectly capable umbrella stroller that’s several inches narrower, about half the weight, and far more maneuverable. It also folds into a 4-inch-diameter cylinder. It shined on the hilly, narrow sidewalks of Seattle and Paris. Of course, if your baby needs a car seat attachment, an umbrella stroller isn’t in the cards. Instead, you can:

  • Bring your heavier-duty stroller
  • Commit to wearing your baby whenever they’re not in the car seat
  • Use a special travel stroller system, like the Britax B-Lively and B-Safe Gen2 Whatever stroller you bring, your best bet is to take it through the entire airport and gate-check it as soon as you arrive in the boarding area. Don’t check your stroller at the ticket counter unless you’re hankering for an arm workout. While you can wear your baby most of the way through the airport, you have to take them out and hold them through security.