flipping tip


Vinyl albums are very collectible, meaning you can make quite a profit from them if you purchase the right ones. And, records are also really trendy nowadays – they’ve had somewhat of a resurgence with the millennial generation. So, there’s definitely a market for them. If you are going to buy a record at the thrift store to resell it, then make sure you do your research beforehand. Make sure that you look up an album online to see if it has value. Here’s what you should keep in mind when shopping for records to resell:

  • Music records tend to sell much better than those that contain spoken word.
  • Genres like early rhythm and blues and jazz tend to be valuable and sought after.
  • Classical orchestral performances are also popular.
  • Keep in mind that records from all musical genres can be popular, as there are die hard music fans out there that will pay a lot for records from their favorite artists – especially older ones.
  • Before you buy a record, you should also check the condition it’s in. If you can get a record in mint or near mint condition, then you’ll be able to make a greater profit on it. Records in very good or good condition will also sell well.