windows10 tip

The Cortana Search

Cortana, the Windows personal assistant is a powerful aide that can be compared to the likes of Apple's Siri or Samsung's Bixby, or the popular Google Assistant. “Microsoft’s voice-activated virtual assistant is more than just a direct link to Bing (or whatever search engine you’ve got her to use) — she’s, well, an assistant.”, writes CNET about this wonderful assistant. And while she can do almost anything right from singing songs (bet you didn’t know that) to setting reminders, you can also customize the way Cortana operates. Whether it’s the type of cards that you want to see or the data that Cortana accesses, there’s a whole bunch of things hiding beneath the notebook icon. Plus, Cortana handles most of the natural language commands seamlessly. All you have to say is Hey Cortana followed by the query and the humble assistant will do the work for you. While I did face an issue of Siri understanding my accent, Cortana just wowed me. Cool Tip: Cortana has a useful built-in dictionary. So if you want to test her skills, type define followed by the word and the meaning will appear instantly.