windows10 tip

Keyboard shortcuts always save you time

We all know how useful keyboard shortcuts can be if used well. With the addition of virtual desktop and the shift away from some of the panel display of Windows 8, here are a couple of handy shortcuts which could speed up your workflow:

  • To create a new Virtual Desktop – Windows + CTRL + D
  • To close the current Virtual Desktop – Windows + CTRL + F4
  • To switch to the next Virtual Desktop in the queue – Windows + CTRL + Right Arrow
  • To switch to the previous Virtual Desktop in the queue – Windows + CTRL + Left Arrow
  • To open the Task View – Windows + Tab
  • To toggle Cortana listening – Windows + Ctrl + C
  • To launch Cortana – Windows + S,

or alternatively: “Hey Cortana”

  • To snap apps to the top of bottom of a screen – Windows + Up / Down Arrow