windows10 tip

Make a Web Note with Microsoft Edge Annotations Feature

While introducing brand new Microsoft Edge browser, Windows made it clear that Microsoft Edge is a browser built for ‘doing‘, not just browsing. And yes, the annotations feature proves it. To experience the ‘power of doing‘ in Microsoft Edge browser, click on Make a Web Note icon from the top-right corner of Edge browser. This allows you to access Pen, Highlighter, Eraser, Add a typed note, Clip cutting, etc. features in your browser. You may use Pen to underline, sketch or whatever you do with a Pen. The Highlighter is used to highlight important texts; eraser can be used to erase something and add a typed note allows you to add a note. Use Clip to cut a particular area in webpage – just like you do in Evernote web clipper. After doing with your webpage, you might wish to save it with single click which also allows you to send your note directly to OneNote. How amazing !