get-motivated tip

Take before and after pictures

If all else fails, take a picture of your mess. It always looks even worse in pictures. Then, when you’ve cleaned, take another picture. Post it on social media or send it to someone who will be proud of you. (It just might be the cleaning inspiration they need, too!) Seeing your progress in picture form can be highly motivating. That’s why people who are losing weight take pictures of their evolution. It’s easy to forget where you started. Next time you’re having a hard time working up some cleaning motivation, refer back to the ‘after’ picture of your glistening clean home. You’ll feel inspired all over again! I really hope these cleaning inspiration tricks helps you get motivated to clean your house! When your cluttered house makes you feel outright depressed and completely overwhelmed by the mess, refer back to these easy tips and strategies. Most importantly, give yourself grace. Don’t call yourself lazy, or a slob. A trashed house happens to all of us from time to time! Just focus on how good it will feel to accomplish it, dive in, and see just how fast you can get your home tidy. While you may never actually enjoy doing housework and cleaning, I promise that you will enjoy living in a clean house!