baking tip

Get To Know Bakers Percentages

This is a neat trick to be able to compare recipes of pizza dough. After all, dough is only made up of 4 main ingredients – flour, water, yeast and salt, with the addition of sugar and oil in some recipes. This means that you’ve got to get the quantities right, as small differences can make big changes. Bakers percentages work by finding the percentages of ingredients compared to the total amount of flour (flour is always 100%) e.g. Flour 100%, then water 65%, salt 2%, yeast 1%.

  • Now you can look at recipe X and see how it differs from recipe Y.
  • You can now create the exact dough every time which works well for you.
  • You can now make 1 pizza or 7 pizzas just by multiplying the amounts. If you know that 340g flour, 220g water, 3.4g yeast and 6.8g salt makes 1 pizza, then just multiply this by the number of pizzas you need. Similarly, divide your total flour by 100 for 1% then work out the rest of the numbers. Check out this pizza dough calculator.