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Talk to NPCs

Cuphead E3 2015 Trailer for Xbox OneA single player or co-op "run and gun" platformer, heavily focused on boss battles. Inspired by 1930s cartoons, the visuals are hand drawn and inked and the music is all original jazz recordings. Xbox One Console exclusive. For more information, please visit xbox.com/E32015-06-15T17:26:59.000Z While you’re out exploring the world of Cuphead make sure to stop and speak with every NPC you come across. Some will simply offer you tips, while others will give you a gold coin for performing specific actions. There are a fair amount of citizens scattered about Cuphead, so try to speak with them all at one point or another. Keep in mind, some NPCs will have their dialogue change after you either complete a certain stage, boss, or isle. Make sure to always come back and speak with them to ensure that you don’t lose out on extra rewards.