student-nurse tip

Don’t burn yourself out

You’re focused on becoming a nurse and that’s great. But keep in mind: Nursing students are human, too. Sometimes you just need a break. “Brain breaks are necessary,” says Hummel. If you’re in the middle of a long study session, it can help to step away from what you’re doing for a brief regroup. For example, Dann likes to grab a snack or watch a quick show. Hummel, a musician, likes to pick up an instrument and play music for a few minutes. These small “off” periods can give you a second wind and ready you to keep chipping away at the materials you need to cover. You’ll need longer breaks sometimes, too. “You can’t study every waking minute of the day,” says Harhay, who prioritizes spending time with her family during breaks. Labudde says she loves taking time to cook a full and healthy meal and Schulenburg says she finds mental peace while running. Schulenburg says she also tries to take a full day off from all things nursing once every week. Even if that goal doesn’t always happen, she says the habit helps her stay balanced. Do whatever works for you, but most of all, make sure you enjoy your breaks.