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Tips For A First Time Travel Nurse

  1. Get Organized. Whether you are browsing or getting ready to embark on as a first time travel nurse you need to stay organized. Make sure your license information is updated. Make sure your health and immunization records are up to date. Prepare for your phone interview. Bring copies of any necessary documentation to your first day.
  2. Be Flexible. Some travel nurse companies will tell you they can place you anywhere you want as a first time travel nurse. However, the fact is that you might not always get your first choice. Be flexible on location, setting, and facility and you will get a travel nurse job quickly. After you have experience you can be more picky on where you want to work.
  3. Pick A Place of Comfort. It can be daunting to pick-up and move to a new location as a travel nurse. One tip we give first time travel nurses when first speaking to them is pick a place you know. Pick a place that has friends or family members. Perhaps there is a destination you have traveled to frequently. This will help calm any nerves as a first time travel nurse.
  4. Don’t Take Things Personally. Being a nurse is a stressful job. It is fast paced and you are dealing with the health of others. If a patient or their family say something it’s important to listen but do not take anything negatively said personally. Share anything said with your supervisor to get feedback on how to proceed and stay professional.