the-blue-pill tip

Use a free grammar checker

Even if you have perfect spelling and grammar, mistakes still happen. It probably won’t be a total disaster for you if you miss a mistake or two. But why take the chance when you can simplify the proofreading process with a grammar checker? My personal favorite would be Grammarly, which offers a free version for bloggers on a tight budget. To use Grammarly, you can edit your document using the web interface or install the downloadable desktop app. Grammarly is also available as an add-on for Microsoft Office products, including Microsoft Word. The only downside is, the integration only works if you’re running on Windows. Lastly, you can use Grammarly’s plagiarism checker to ensure the originality of your content. It’s often not needed if you’re sure you wrote every sentence yourself. Search engines like Google, however, don’t care if your plagiarism is intentional or not — your rankings will still suffer.